How To Change Glo Tarrif Plan

How can a Glo subscriber change their Glo Tariff plan to another?

Globacom GBAM Scholarship

Glo Tariff Plan refers to Glo’s rate and cost schedule for monthly Subscription Fees, Monthly Inclusive Benefits, and Usage Charges (for usage outside of Inclusive Benefits).

How To Change To Any Glo Tariff Plan You Want

Let’s look at Glo tariff plans and how to migrate to them to solve the question of how to change a Glo tariff plan.

Glo Bounce15 kobo/sec*170*4# » select 1
Glo IDD Packs11 kobo/sec*777#
Glo Infinito20 kobo/sec*100*9*2#
Glo 11k 11 kobo/sec*211#
Glo G-BAM11 kobo/sec*10*5*1#
Glo Generation GN/A*170*5#
Glo Jollific8 67 kobo/sec*123*PIN#
Glo Free Tomorrow28 kobo/sec*300#
Glo Bumpa 50 kobo/sec*100*10*1#
Glo Formula50 kobo/sec*323*PIN#


When it comes to switching to any Glo pricing plan, you have a number of options.

Please note that if you switch plans more than once within 30 days, you will be charged a migration fee of N102. Some Glo tariff plans are exempted from this charge, though. You can switch to those exempted tariff plans at any moment for free.


What is your current Glo tariff plan, and do you want to change it?


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