How To Calculate UNILAG Cut Off Mark /Aggregate Score For All Courses

Many Students find it hard to calculate their aggregate score and their cut off mark as this varies for different Institutions, but before this, we are going to tell you what aggregate and Post UTME Score means and what things are to be considered before calculating the aggregate score.


That means the candidate must get at least 50 Questions Correctly. The aggregate score will be used to determine the cut-off point for admission into each of the programmes. Cut-off points for each course will be determined by the performance of all the candidates who applied for the course.

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After every UTME exercise, a particular mark is set out by the exam body {e.g 120}. This mark is a score a candidate must have or cross, to qualify him or her to sit for the chosen school’s POST UTME exercise. This said mark is announced to all school’s to enable them decide the number of candidates they will admit.
After the school’s decision, they announce a particular mark which must not be lower than the mark the UTME body fixed. Any candidate who cross the mark set by the UTME body and did not reach the chosen school’s mark, is NEVER eligible to sit for the school’s POST UTME.
This mark or score set by the school admission board is known as SCHOOL’S CUT OFF MARK..

This is what UNILAG uses to know if you are eligible for admission or not.

Both scores are placed on a scale of 0-400 and then added together to come up with your final score. This means the JAMB score will be added to 4 times your post-UTME score and the total will be divided by 2.

To calculate UNILAG Post UTME, you should know that 60 questions of your subject combination are summed in 100 marks. and when divided by your score, you arrive at your aggregate score.

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JAMB Fixed Cut off Mark

JAMB has set a general cut off mark for all candidates who wants to apply for universities, colleges of education, and polytechnics, which is 180. Candidates who have higher scores, will have the opportunity to apply for their desired courses and get preferential treatment. Every universities and higher institutions have its own unique cut off marks and requirements, let me show you that of UNILAG.

However, it does not end there. Simply applying for a particular course does not guarantee you admission, because there are thousands of other candidates applying for that same course and the department have limited slots. This automatically means that admission into a particular course is guaranteed once you are among the few that scored high in total aggregate scores. The admission process in the University of Lagos is highly competitive, that is why you need score above the following UNILAG cut off marks in the following courses:

For Medicine and Nursing, you need to score at least 220 to 240

For Pharmacy, Physiology, Common Law, Mass Communication, and Anatomy, you need to score at least 200

For Agriculture, Engineering, Microbiology, Geology, Biochemistry, Computer Science, and English Language, you will need to score at least 190.

For other courses, you will get a minimum score of 180.

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If You have been looking for a way to calculate UNILAG Cut Off mark, you are on the right page as we will show the step by step process on how to calculate it.

Post UTME equals 30%

UTME equals 50%

O’Level equals 20%

For you to have a better understanding of how to calculate this, we shall be using Treasure as a case study.

Lets, assume Treasure is seeking for admission into the University of Lagos (UNILAG)


A1 = 4.0

B2 = 3.6

B3 = 3.2

C4 = 2.8

C5 = 2.4

C6 = 2.0

Note: You should remember that you need to calculate using only the five O’Level subjects needed for your course.

Lets Assume Treasure who wish to study Pharmacy has the following in her SSCE

Mathematics= B3

English = B2

Biology= A1

Physics= B2

Chemistry= A1

Using the grade marks above, her UNILAG O’Level grade will be calculated like this;

3.2 + 3.6 + 4.0 + 3.6 + 4.0= 18.4

Treasure O’Level grade has summed up to 18.4

How To Calculate JAMB (UTME) Score

To calculate Chika’s JAMB or UTME score, we need to divide her JAMB score by eight (8). This means that your final aggregate score is also dependent on your UTME score, so you need to perform better in UTME if you want your chances of securing admission into UNILAG to be high.

For example, Treasure scored 250 in her JAMB, her total score will be divided by 8

250/8 = 31.25

Now, we have gotten Treasure’s O’Level grade score and UTME Score


The post UTME score represents 30% of the total UNILAG aggregate score. If you have not written the UNILAG post UTME, and given a score, then calculating your aggregate score will be difficult.

You should also note that any candidate who scored below 10% in the UNLAG post UTME will be automatically disqualified, irrespective of the candidate’s JAMB score.

So lets assume, Treasure scores 25% in her UNILAG Post UTME, the final step is to calculate her Aggregate score


Remember Treasure has the following grades

O’Level Grade = 18.4

UTME =    31.25

Post UTME = 25%

Treasure’s aggregate score will be calculated as thus;

18.4 + 31.25 + 25 = 74.65

If Treasure’s aggregate score is higher than the cut off of Pharmacy, she will be admitted into the UNILAG Department of Pharmacy.

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