How To Apply For Turkish Study Visa


Turkey remains one of the best places of study in the world. As part of Asia and part of Europe, Turkey has remarkably wide climatic and geographical variations. The quality of the education and teaching staff at Turkish Universities offers you a world of opportunities to get the skills you will need for a global world. Degrees granted by Turkish Universities are recognized around the world. Also in recent years, Turkey has become a centre of attraction for economic and political aspects.

This is a comprehensive and short guide on applying for Turkish Student Visa in Nigeria.

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What is Turkish Student Visa?

Turkish Student Visa is a permit issued by the Turkish government, through an official at the Turkish Embassy, to a foreigner who want tostudy in Turkey. This visa lasts for only 90 days but could be renewed afterwards. It is officially known as Education visa.

For going to Turkey for other purposes not catered for by the Turkish Student Visa, an individual could apply for any of the following: Tourist/Business person visa, Official visa, Work visa, Other visas

Students may only apply for their visas after they enrol in a Turkish university, school, or language class recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Education. To apply for a student visa you need a letter from your school proving your enrolment (this replace the letter of invitation or employment).

Once you arrive in Turkey you are required to register with the Foreigner´s Branch of your local police department within 30 days. Once you register, the officials will issue you a residence permit.

The student visa and residence permit allow you an unlimited number of exits and entries as long as they are valid (usually around a year). Make arrangements to renew your visa and permit well before they expire. Otherwise, you risk illegal residence.

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How To Get A Turkey Student Visa From Nigeria

The reason you are going to Turkey will determine the kind of Turkish Visa you will apply for. Let me explain something you should know about going to Turkey. If you are staying in Turkey for longer than 90 days, or if you plan to work or study in Turkey, you will need a visa.

In a broad sense, Turkish visas are either single-entry (tek giris) or multiple-entry (muteaddit giris). Tourist visas and border visas (the visas many nationalities can obtain at their points of entry) are typically valid for a single entry. The Work and student visas, however, may cover multiple entries.

Within these two broad categories, however, visas are issued to cover specific activities. To apply for a Turkey student visa in Nigeria, you will need to submit the appropriate application to a Turkish embassy or consulate closer to you.

Turkey Student Visa Required Documents

There are some documents you will need to present to apply for a Turkey student Visa. These documents are very important that a single lie or smartness can spoil the whole show. You will have to be honest and open in filling your details in the documents below:

1. An online application form. You must fill and sign it correctly.

2. Original and photocopy of passport (must be at least 6 months valid after the date of application).

3. A 50x60mm passport photo on white background attached to the application form but you should not staple it.

5. Flight booking with confirmed dates. You should not pay for flight fee until the consular approve your visa application.

6. Proof of accommodation in Turkey. Hotel booking or any other accommodation.

7. Bank statement for the past six of the applicant or applicant’s sponsor. This is to be sure you can cater for yourself financially.

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8. Letter from sponsor bearing his/her financial means and stating that he/she will be responsible for applicants expenses (if being sponsored).

9. An acceptance letter from the Turkish University or school or language course certified by the Ministry of Education.

10. It is better for you to place your appointment at least eight weeks before your intended travel date.

You should not book appointment more than once in a month.

Steps On How To Apply For Turkey Student Visa

Step 1

Click HERE to download an online application form. Print it out and fill it in capital letters.

Step 2

Click HERE to book for appointment online. Change the language setting to English by clicking on the ‘TR’ button on the top-right side of the website.

Step 3

Visit the Turkish Embassy on the appointment date. Go along with the filled application form and the following documents.

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