DSTV Price: How Much is DSTV in Nigeria

How much is DSTV in Nigeria? read on to find out.

Have you been on an endless pursuit of verifying DSTV’s right prices in Nigeria to no avail, I sympathize with you.

If you read, this article to the end, you’ll no doubt be fed with all that you’ve ever wanted to know about the prices of DSTV in Nigeria.

With regards to cable TVs in Nigeria, Dstv has the largest quantities of channels and run one of the most flexible subscription styles and rate. Little wonder they have one of the largest customer bases.

Sit back as I analyze how much different DSTV Decoders go for, as well as consider the various plans accessible and the price as this would provide answers to your question: How much is DSTV.

DSTV Decoder (excluding installation): N10, 000 – N13, 000

DSTV Decoder (including installation): N13, 000 – N20,000

It should be noticed that the variety in price is because of certain elements which encompass the spot and time of procurement, the kind of decoder, and other related variables.

DSTV stands out from other TV cable firms because:

❖ DSTV has a flexible subscription rate.

❖ It has numerous local and international channels.

❖ Subscriptions are accessible in various packages to suit all budgets.

❖ The channels cover various spheres of life and age grades.

Since we know the costs of DSTV decoders, it is fundamental to think about the different bundles and plans accessible on the stage.

DSTV membership has been made adaptable to oblige all different types of individuals. Allow us to consider the different bundles accessible on DSTV.

How Much is DSTV

How much is DSTV in Nigeria? below you’ll find the answer to your question.

1. DSTV Access (Replaced with DSTV Padi)

This is the least expensive and one of the most settled on DSTV bundles. With just N1,800, watchers approach more than 45 first-rate neighborhood and worldwide channels.

The channels incorporate NTA 1, SuperSport BLITZ, African Magic World, African Magic Yoruba, African sorcery Hausa, E-Entertainment, AIT, SilverBird, and other top-of-the line channels.

Sound channels have additionally been acquainted with the bundle. It should be noticed that channels like CNN, SuperSports 3,5,7, BBC, and a few other well-known directs are excluded from the bundle.

Likewise, this bundle isn’t accessible for HD decoders.

Value: N1, 850 every month

2. DSTV Family (Replaced with DSTV Confam)

This is the following grade after the DSTV access bundle. This bundle is essentially planned in light of the family.

This bundle gives you admittance to the north of 55 neighborhood and worldwide channels which incorporates CNN, BBC, African Magic (English), Euro News, ESPN exemplary, Mnet Series, Cartoon Network, etc.

It likewise incorporates every one of the channels accessible for the Access Package.

The bundle likewise gives you admittance to all the 24 sound administrations accessible to the organization. The sound channels incorporate well-known radio channels like Voice of America, Star FM, Ray Power, etc.

Value: N4,615 each month.

3. DSTV Compact

The Compact bundle gives watchers admittance to every one of the channels accessible on the DSTV Family bundle in addition to extra game channels.

This bundle is especially fitting for sports darlings. The bundle gives watchers admittance to more than 60 neighborhood and global channels including BBC World, MNET Action, ESPN Sport, SuperSport 10, Sony Entertainment, etc.

It should be noticed that this bundle is likewise not accessible on HD decoders.

Value: N6, 800 every month.

4. DSTV Compact Plus

There is only a slight difference between DSTV Compact and Compact Plus, yet most certainly not in cost.

Smaller Plus offers more channels, the vast majority of which are sports channels. It incorporates SuperSports 7 and 10.

Endorsers of this bundle will actually want to observe the greater part of the English Premier association games as well as other live games like the French League, Bundesliga, Spanish La Ligaas well as rugby, golf, tennis, sports, boxing, and motorsport.

Value N7, 900 every month.

5. DSTV Premium

This is the premium and most costly DSTV bundle. This bundle gives admittance to all suitable channels on the stage.

There are more than 85 channels accessible on this bundle. The stations incorporate Mnet West, VUZU AMP, Discovery, SuperSport 3, etc.

This bundle is the finished bundle, it covers each circle or diversion, news, sports, History, and other related regions.

Value: 18, 400 every month.


Hope this article was able to answer your question: How much is DSTV.

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