Google Research Scholar Program 2023/2024

The Google Research Scholar Program is intended to support world-class research by early-career professors at institutions worldwide.


 It offers grants and unrestricted gifts to promote research at these institutions.

Grow with Google USA Scholarship

Google anticipates that this program will encourage the development of enduring relationships and collaborative relationships with new academics.

Awards are not intended to pay for overhead or other indirect costs; instead, they are offered to the institution as unrestricted grants.

 The professor’s research endeavours will be supported by them during the academic year in which the prize is provided.


Google Research Scholar Program Eligibility

  • At the time of application submission, candidates must be employed full-time as an assistant, associate, or professor at a college or other degree-granting research institution. Only co-PIs, not primary PIs, are permitted on postdoctoral staff.
  •  For example, a candidate for the year 2022 must have earned their PhD no more than seven years prior to application. Candidates who have been teaching for seven years or less but have had delays due to things like working in the industry, taking time off to be a father, etc., may consider exceptions. The application’s documentation for this exception request is available.
  •  Each round allows applicants to submit one application. Faculty members may only act as PI or Co-PI in each round. The same applicant cannot serve on two different proposals.
  •  A total of three applications from one person may be submitted.

Google Research Scholar Program Area of Interest

An internal review procedure is used to choose proposals. After the initial submission, applicants will be informed of the status of their proposals.

In order for Google to be interested in your suggestion, please classify it into one of the following categories:

  •  Mobile Quantum computing
  •  Security
  •  Software engineering and programming languages
  •  Natural language processing
  •  Networking
  •  Privacy
  • Algorithms and optimization
  •  Applied science
  •  Structured data,
  •  extraction, semantic graph, and database management
  •  Geo/maps
  •  Health research
  •  Systems (hardware and software)
  •  Human-computer interaction
  •  Machine learning and data mining
  •  Machine perception

Google Research Scholar Program Funding

The grant amount, which might reach $60,000 USD, is meant to help the professor’s research progress.

Application Process for the Google Research Scholar Program


The application deadline is December 1 at 11:59:59 UTC. Decisions will be communicated through email in April of 2023.


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