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Georgia Student Visa Application Guideline

The Georgia student Visa is a kind of visa that gives an applicant the right to study at any institution in Georgia. 

The Georgia student visa enables applicants to stay in Georgia legally throughout the duration of their studies. 

It is essential for applicants who intend to study at any university in Georgia to apply for a Georgia student visa in Nigeria.

Benefits Of Studying In Georgia

There are many reasons why Georgia is a great country for students. Some of the reasons why students should consider studying in Georgia are given below:


This is an integral part of Georgian culture.  They are well known for their hospitality.  

Georgians are very caring and friendly; they invite new friends and foreigners into their homes and treat them like kings and queens. 

All students intending to go to Georgia will be amazed at the warm reception and hospitality they will receive from Georgians.


The history of Georgia is long, interesting, and worth knowing.  Studying at Georgia will expose you to the fascinating history of the country.


Over the year, Georgia has been a very comfortable and welcoming place for foreigners. In Georgia, travelers can navigate safely through the country.


A good reason Georgia is a great place to study is the low cost of living. For example, an average taxi fare coats about 5 lari in Tbilisi. Also, foreigners in Georgia do not have to worry about any form of scam like in other destinations.

Georgia Student Visa Requirements

For successful Georgia student applications, applicants must present some documents at the application centre.

These documents must be correctly filled and signed appropriately.  Some of the documents required to apply for a student visa in Nigeria are as follows:

International Passport

The international passport is an essential document that all intending travelers cannot do without.  The international passport to be presented here must be valid for at least 6 months.

Passport Photograph

When you apply for the Georgia tourist in Nigeria, you must make sure you present a passport-sized photograph that is recent and taken according to specification, if there is any.

Visa Application Form

A completely filled and adequately signed application form is part of the document that must be presented at the visa application centre when applying for a Georgia student visa in Nigeria.

Proof of Financial Capability

You have to prove that you have enough funds to take proper care of yourself when applying for a Georgia student visa in Nigeria.  You must be financially capable of catering to your need throughout your stay in study duration in Georgia.

Official Offer Letter

This is a letter from the University of Choice in Georgia.  This will be required to know the details about your proposed study in Georgia.


You should present an insurance certificate when applying for a Georgia student visa.  appropriate insurance.

Proof of accommodation

Proof of flight reservation

How to Apply for a Georgia Student Visa

In this section, you will be given a step-by-step procedure on how you can successfully apply for your Georgia student visa in Nigeria.

Go online to fill out the visa application form.

The first step required is that the applicant is to fill out the Georgia student visa application form and then print it out.  Then, applicants and required to sign the form appropriately.

Submit your document online or at the Georgia application centre

The downloaded form should be added to other required documents and submitted online or at the visa application centre. 

Applications should ensure all the documents are complete and correctly filled to ensure speedy processing of their Georgia student visa application.

Pay the visa application fee.

Applicants must pay a visa processing fee as part of the requirement for processing their Georgia student visa.

Wait for the processing of your visa.

After going through the above process, you should stay back and wait for the processing of your visa. Information about the processing time will be given in the course of this article.

 Georgia Embassy in Nigeria – Lagos, Abuja:

There is no Georgia embassy in Nigeria.


We hope you find this article helpful for students wishing to study in Georgia and that you will consider all the tips mentioned above on getting a student visa.

Congratulations and best wishes in your academic journey.

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