Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu (FCEEHAMUFU) Academic Calendar

The Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu (FCEEHAMUFU) academic calendar for the second semester of the 2021/2022 academic session has been released.

The management of the Federal College of Education, Eha-Amufu (FCE Eha-Amufu), Enugu State, has published the amended academic calendar for the 2nd semester, 2021/2022 academic session.

FCE Eha-Amufu Academic Calendar

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AUGUST, 2022
28-08-2022SundayRegular Student return to Campus for the 2021-2022 Second Semester
29-08-2022MondayLectures-Registration of courses for the 2nd semester 2021-2022 commences
30-08-2022TuesdaySandwich Students return to Campus
31-08-2022WednesdayLectures – Registration of courses commences for sandwich students
02-09-2022FridaySubmission of First Semester 2021-2022 results to HODs ends
05-09-2022MondaySecond Week commences
06-09-2022TuesdayDepartmental Boards consider 2021-2022 First Semester results
07-09-2022WednesdaySchool Boards consider 2021-2022 First Semester results
12-09-2022Monday3rd Week Commences
09-13-2022TuesdayMicro Teaching Practicum Supervision commences
13-09-2022TuesdayLate Registration of courses for the second semester of 2021-2022 commences with penalty
16-09-2022FridayDeadline for submission of First Semester 2021-2022 results to the Exam Units
19-09-2022Monday4th Week commences
26-09-2022Monday5th week commences
27-09-2022TuesdayLate registration of courses commences for Second Semester 2021-2022 ends
01-10-2022SaturdayIndependence day
03-10-2022Monday6th week commences
10-04-2022TuesdayFirst Continuous Assessment for the 2nd semester 2021-2022 starts(To be scheduled wit
10-10-2022Monday7th week commences
11-10-2022TuesdayFirst Continuous Assessments for the 2nd Semester 2021-2022 ends
12-10-2022WednesdayMeeting of the Academic Board
13-10-2022ThursdayTP Orientation for students
17-10-2022Monday8th week commences
18-10-2022TuesdaySIWES Orientation for Students
21-10-2022FridayMicro Teaching Practicum Supervision ends
24-10-2022Monday9th Week commences
25-10-2022TuesdaySubmission of Micro Teaching Practicum Results starts
31-10-2022Monday10th Week commences
01-11-2022Tuesday2nd Continuous Assessment for the Second semester 2021-2022 starts (To be scheduled wit
04-11-2022FridayDeadline for submission of Micro Teaching Practicum Results to the Co-ordinator.
07-11-2022Monday11th Week commences
08-11-2022Tuesday2nd Continuous Assessment for Second semester 2021-2022 ends
14-11-2022Monday12th Week commences
18-11-2022FridayStudents Week commences- Revision starts
21-11-2022Monday13th Week commences
21-11-2022MondayStudents Week continues
22-11-2022TuesdayStudents Weekends – Revision continues
23-11-2022WednesdaySUG Elections start
23-11-2022WednesdayMeeting of the Academic Board
25-11-2022FridaySUG Elections end
28-11-2022Monday14th Week commences
29-11-2022Tuesday2nd Semester Examination for 2021-2022 Session starts
05-12-2022Monday15th week commences
12-12-2022Monday16th week commences
19-12-2022Monday17th week commences
22-12-2022ThursdaySecond Semester Examination ends
22-12-2022ThursdayStudents vacate campus for Christmas break
08-01-2023SundayStudents return to Campus for the first Semester 2022-2023 Session
09-01-2023Monday1st Semester 2022-2023 Session commences
01-09-2023Monday1st Week of 2022-2023 Session commences
01-10-2023TuesdaySubmission of Projects to the departments starts
01-16-2023Monday2nd Week commences
01-17-2023TuesdayProject Defence commences
01-20-2023FridayProject Defence ends

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