EU Sakharov Fellowship for Human Rights Defenders

The EU Sakharov Fellowship 2023 for Human Rights Defenders in Non-EU countries allows up to 14 human rights defenders to follow a two-week intensive training in Brussels and at the Global Campus of Human Rights in Venice.

eu sakharov fellowship

This opportunity is brought to you by the European Parliament’s Sakharov Fellowship.

More About Sakharov Fellowship

As a result of a decision made by the Sakharov Prize Community at the Sakharov Prize’s 25th Anniversary Conference, the empowering program for human rights defenders has been held annually since 2016.

The Brussels initiative focuses on EU instruments and regulations that support human rights defenders, financial access, communication skill development, and raising awareness of the unique security threats that these defenders face.


Meetings with lawmakers, representatives of the EU institutions, and representatives of NGOs based in Brussels are also included. The Fellows will also have a place for their own networking and advocacy activities.

Academic instruction on international human rights legislation, instruments, and mechanisms is combined with case studies during training at the Global Campus of Human Rights in Venice.

This contributes to the provision of useful instruments for enhancing the work of human rights defenders to bring about change locally.

Prominent academics, leaders of top human rights NGOs, Sakharov Prize winners, and other renowned human rights practitioners are among the lecturers.

What Type of Scholarship is the Programme?

It is a fellowship programme.


Where is the Programme held?

It is held in Brusell and Venice. Attendance is in person. However, it can become virtual if health restriction prevent a real-time meeting.

How Many are Awarded in the Programme?

The programme recognised 14 awardees per meeting.

What Does the Scholarship Cover?

The Sakharov Fellowship covers a daily allowance for the duration of two weeks, travel expenses, and accommodation in the host cities.

How Long is the Programme?

Two weeks.

Eligibility for Sakharov Fellowship

Candidates should have a track record of advocating for human rights either as an individual or in a group setting such as an NGO.

They must speak English well enough to participate in and follow discussion groups and seminars in Brussels and Venice.

Selection Criteria

The criteria outlined above, as well as the requirement to achieve gender balance, the representation of a diversity of geographical areas, and human rights issues, are used to choose the Fellows.

Eligible Countries

Countries that do not belong to the European Union.

Benefits of the EU Sakharov Fellowship Scholarship

  • Human rights defenders will improve their understanding of EU and international human rights frameworks, regulations, and mechanisms.
  • Increase their capacities to fight for and bring about constructive change to promote human rights as part of the Sakharov Fellowship training program.
  • Help expand the network of Sakharov Fellows to share best practices, disseminate the learned knowledge, and raise awareness of the Sakharov Prize and the Sakharov Community.
  • Have the chance to continue interacting with EU Delegations in their respective countries; and have the opportunity to maintain links with the work of the European Parliament.

How to Apply for Sakharov Fellowship

To apply for the EU Sakharov Fellowship Scholarship, visit this link.

Successful candidates will receive a confirmation by email, latest by 4 March 2023. Candidates who fail to make the cut will not be told why they were not chosen or given a fellowship.

The deadline for application is 30th January 2023, Midnight (CET).


The EU Sakharov Fellowship Scholarship is an opportunity for non-EU students, especially those from developing countries, to get exposure to an excellent environment.

This exposure is to help them become contributors to building systems and structures both nationally and internationally for the protection of human rights.

We encourage you to promptly apply for this scholarship through the link in this article. Kindly share this article with your friends. Cheers


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