Education is a process of learning or the acquisition of knowledge,skills,values.beliefs and habits.

Now here is brief story: Adetola was a girl from a very poor background,her father died when she was 16 years old,leaving her sick mother alone to fend for just her and her sibling. She was brilliant and always came out first in her class but due to her financial issues she had to drop out of school to look for hand work,luckily for her she was able to write her SSCE exams and she made all her papers. Along the line her mother’s sickness became so serious and she was rushed to the hospital  but the doctor there refused to give her any treatment cause there was no money to give to them,she cried all day and begged the doctor but she refused to listen to her.They left the hospital with their sick mother but unfortunately on their way to the wooden house they lived in,her mother collapsed and died cause she couldn’t bear it any longer. Adetola was left to fend for herself and her sibling Bukola who was only 14 years and couldn’t complete her secondary school.

One faithful night Adetola left her sister to go and look for food for both of them,but on her way she was knocked down by a bike but because she saw it on time she tried dodging the bike but wasn’t fast enough and it brushed her a bit which caused her to hit her head on a little stone but luckily for her it didn’t cause any serious damage to her but just a minor injury by the side of her eyes. Meanwhile at home Bukola got tired of waiting for her sister and decided to go and look for her,on her way to look for her sister she decided to go through a short cut thinking her sister must have passed there but an unknown evil which wasn’t even planned awaited her and she was surrounded by four hefty guys who had nothing but lust in their eyes and she tried running away but she was immediately yanked back by her hair and one of the men tore her clothes leaving her in nothing but her bare skin,all the four of them had their ways with her,some even took her on her butt without any care in the world,she was gagged so she could not even shout, move or do anything but just remained lifeless while the men had their way with her,when they were done,they left her there and ran away,her sister with bloody head and the world spinning around her manage to stagger to get home to her sister faster and decided to go through that same road,and when she got there she saw her sister lying there with blood flowing from her butt and her private area. She was so devastated that she picked her sister and carried her walking aimlessly and during that walk a woman saw them from afar and then came closer and when she saw the state of the girls tears flowed down from her eyes,she that had been looking for children for the past 10 years and here these ones were maltreated and she made a vow to look after them so she carried Bukola and placed her in her car but because Adetola was too weak and shocked at the scene she witnessed she just followed and could not argue or try to say anything.

The woman took them to a hospital and they were treated with the best doctors. A month later they two sisters were being discharged and was carried to the woman’s  house who they got to know her name was Mary. She was told the whole story and she made a promise to them to help them since she had no child and her husband left her due to that fact,but because she was so wealthy she could survive on her own. 6 Months later both sisters were sent out of the country to finish their studies.


Adetola and Bukola came back with a B.Sc and masters, Adetola studied medicine cause of her mother and her sister who she could not help because of no knowledge while Bukola studied law to help young girls who were like her. One faithful day a woman was rushed to the hospital and Dr Adetola was the doctor in charge and when the woman was stabilized Adetola came to her and when she saw her it was the same doctor who could not help her own mother and tears flowed from her eyes and she told the woman what she did 10 years ago and the woman begged but because Adetola had a kind heart she treated the woman without collecting even a dime. Bukola on the other hand had a rape case and when she met the offender she saw it was the man who raped her with his friends,she was so furious and vowed to make him pay,when she visited him at then police station,clearly he could not remember her but she carefully explained everything the man did to her and he was ashamed not cause of what he did but because he kept doing it and his own daughter also fell a victim and was raped by him without him knowing because he was drunk and his child was drugged. Bukola was the lawyer to defend his daughter and once the verdict were called,he was to die by hanging. The both sister were fulfilled that they became something great and their parents would be proud of them no matter what where their souls were and Mary who helped them got so much love from them and that made her satisfied woman.

Education conquered their enemies and fought their battles for them without their hands getting dirty with blood or revenge,so if you have zeroed your mind on education,it is never too late to go back and make something good out of your life, THE PEN IS GREATER THAN THE SWORD. 

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