Easy way To Apply For Slovakia Student Visa In Nigeria

Unlike the short-stay visas to Slovakia, the Slovakia student visa is a temporary residence established to help you study and reside in Slovakia. It is called the Long-term visa type D. Regardless of the level of program you wish to take in Slovakia, you must obtain the five years permit, the long-term residence permit or the permit for staying for an unlimited time.

You can study in Slovakia for as long as your course requires and you can exit and enter Slovakia for as long as you wish with the Slovakia student visa. In fact, you might be able to work with this visa. But you must contact the Slovakian ministry of foreign affairs for clarifications on this.


When you apply for and procure the Slovakian student visa for Nigerians, you can operate within Slovakia just as the citizen of the country would. You can use social securities and access health packages. To qualify for this visa, there are certain requirements that you must meet. You would find more on these later.

Benefits Of Studying In Slovakia

Besides the prestige that comes with studying in Europe, there are many reasons why you may consider studying in Slovakia.

Slovakia has put in a lot of efforts to boost her economic and educational growth since early 2000s. As of today, Slovaks are one of the most educated people in Europe. So, any individual should be willing to operate in a forward-thinking society as this where the finest education in Europe is dished. If you study in Slovakia, you would be learning from where some of best ranked institutions in Europe are.

Many universities in Slovakia – including Matej Bel University, Slovak University of Agriculture and University of Economics in Bratislava – teach courses in English language. This would help ease your way through your study life in Slovakia.

You could get a chance to study on scholarship when you study in Slovakia. International students of African descent have become beneficiaries of scholarship programs supported by the Slovakian government itself. However, studying in Slovakia is less expensive than several other parts in Western Europe. Slovakia is where you get both tuition fee and living expenses in their lowest.


The country is full of scenic locations that have always attracted students and even tourists from around the world. But one important thing to note is the rich culture of the Slovaks. As evidenced in their traditional music, foods, literature and art. Studying in Slovakia exposes you to other cultures of the world and provides you with an opportunity to network outside the borders.

Requirements for Slovakia student visa in Nigeria

As stated earlier, there are certain requirements that you must meet to qualify for Slovakia student visa. The following are some of them:


1- The application form.

2- Your valid international passport with a minimum of two blank pages.

3- Two 3 x 3.5 cm passport photographs. The pictures should be identical and taken with a white background.

4- Offer letter from an educational institution in Slovakia.

5- Police character certificate, showing that you are not a criminal.

6- Health Certificate, proving that you are in good health.

7- Schengen medical Insurance. Proof of insurance with coverage of at least 30,000EUR. If your school does not have an arrangement for insurance. However, we advise you to make clarifications with your school before you purchase your insurance.

8- Proof of flight reservation for visa. You may have to provide a flight itinerary to show our you plan to visit.

9- Proof of reserved accommodation in Slovakia. If your school does not have provision for your accommodation, you have to provide an evidence of a reserved accommodation in Slovakia. The embassy will verify your reservation.

10- Cover letter. This is a letter explaining your reasons for wanting to study in Slovakia.

11- Proof of financial status. This comes in form of your personal or sponsor’s bank account statement showing availability of funds.

12- Proof of relationship to sponsor. If applicable.

13- Affidavit of Support. This is a testament from the sponsor stating that they would sponsor your education and cost of living in Slovakia.

14- Proof of tuition fee payment. This could be part or full payment.

15- Marital status proof. If applicable, provide your marriage certificate as evidence of your marital status.

16- Introduction letter from employer. This is letter stating that you work for the company and that you have the permission to travel. If you are a business owner, a similar letter should be submitted.

17- Certificate of Incorporation. if you are self-employed.

18-If retired, pension allowance proof.

How to apply for Slovakia student visa in Nigeria

The Embassy of Slovakia does not issue student visas. So you have to visit the Slovakian embassy in Nairobi to apply for visa. The following are the steps to take when applying for Slovakia student visa in Nigeria:


1- Gather supporting documents

After you have gained admission to study at a Slovakian institution, gather your supporting documents. You must fill the visa application form with the lasted version of the Adobe PDF reader. The embassy would reject any hand-filled form.


2- Book an appointment with the embassy

Once you have your documents ready, you should book an appointment with the Embassy of Slovakia in Nairobi, Kenya. You must do this by sending an email to the emb.nairobi@mzv.sk. Your email should contain:

– Your full names as they appear on your international passport.

– Your date of birth

– Your international passport number

– Your visa type (Long-term visa)

– Scanned copy of your international passport bio-data page

– Scanned copy of your admission letter or other supporting documents showing evidence of purpose of trip.

– Your email address and phone number.


3- Visit the Slovakian Embassy in Nairobi/attend interview

You can then visit the embassy to attend your interview.Apply for Kenyan e-visa to obtain a passport for your visit. It is better you prepare yourself for an interview as the embassy would assess your application and responses.

 Slovakia embassy Location in Nigeria

The Slovakia embassy in Nigeria is situated in Abuja at 21st Crescent, Off Constitution Avenue, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria, Nigeria.

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