E4D Continuing Education Scholarship Program.

This is to inform the general public and interested persons that they can now apply for the Engineering for Development(E4D) Continuing Education Scholarship Program 2019 for candidate from Low-Income countries.

This is an opportunity for those who cannot afford the expenses to see themselves through school to apply and fulfill their dreams in becoming who they what to be in the nearest future.

Interested persons are to carefully read the objectives/instructions on how to apply and check also for eligibility.


The Engineering for Development (E4D) Continuing Education Scholarship Programme awards scholarships for travel and living expenses to candidates from low-income countries to attend continuing education programmes at ETH Zurich.

The goal of the programme is to enhance the knowledge and skills of future leaders with the perspective of contributing to capacity development and poverty reduction in their home countries.

E4D Continuing Education Scholarship Programme Eligibility.

  • Candidate must hold a completed and recognised Master’s degree from a university
  • Proof of professional working experience of at least 2 years.
  • Minimal English standard is TOEFL level C1.
  • Candidate must come from a country classified as Low Income or Lower Middle Income Country according to the DAC-list of the OECD.
  • The candidate must have been admitted to an ETH MAS, DAS or CAS programme based on his/her academic and professional qualifications. Applications for the E4D scholarship scheme and the continuing education programme can be submitted in parallel.
  • All programmes of the ETH Zurich continuing education programme (MAS/CAS/DAS) are eligible for the scholarship. But only some programmes offer a fee reduction:
    • MAS Nutrition and Health, D-HEST
    • Nutrition for Disease Prevention and Health (CAS ETH in Nutrition), D-HEST

E4D Continuing Education Scholarship Programme Benefits.

The following expenses will be covered by the scholarship:

  • Economy roundtrip ticket (max. 2’000 CHF)
  • Visa fees
  • Living allowance for the duration of the programme (2’000 CHF per month if the programme is longer than 3 weeks. 800 CHF per week if the programme duration is up to 3 weeks)
  • ETH general tuition fee waiver (660 CHF per semester)

The following expenses will NOT be covered by the scholarship:

  • The programme fees of the MAS/CAS/DAS are not covered by the E4D Continuing Education Scholarship.
  • The registration fee for applications of 150 CHF cannot be covered, but will be reimbursed to candidates from low income countries in case an application is unsuccessful.

How to Apply for E4D Continuing Education Scholarship Programme.

Only candidates that are admitted to an ETH MAS, DAS or CAS programme based on his/her academic and professional qualifications are considered for a scholarship. Candidates must apply to both (I) a continuing education programme and (II) to the E4D scholarship.

The application procedure for the continuing education programme is outlined here. Applications for the E4D scholarship scheme and the chosen continuing education programme should be submitted in parallel.

Please submit your application to e4d@sl.ethz.ch.

  • Motivation letter, stating the motivation to attend the programme and the impact for the candidate’s career development and beyond
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • University Diploma and transcripts
  • Two professional references
  • Certificate of employment


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