E4D Continuing Education Scholarship Program

This is to let the general public and interested parties know that the Engineering for Development E4D Continuing Education Scholarship Programme 2023 for applicants from Low-Income Countries is now open for applications.

E4D Continuing Education Scholarship Program

This is an opportunity for those who cannot afford the expenses to see themselves through school to apply and fulfill their dreams of becoming who they what to be in the nearest future.

Interested persons are to carefully read the objectives/instructions on how to apply and check also for eligibility.

Candidates from low-income countries can apply for scholarships for travel and living expenses through the Engineering for Development (E4D) Continuing Education Scholarship Programme to attend continuing education sessions at ETH Zurich.

The program aims to increase future leaders’ knowledge and abilities to help their home nations grow their capability and fight poverty.


E4D Continuing Education Scholarship Programme Eligibility.

  • The applicant must have earned a Master’s degree from an accredited university.
  • Proof of at least two years’ worth of professional work experience.
  • English proficiency must be at least at TOEFL level C1.
  • The applicant must be from a nation the OECD’s DAC list classifies as a Low Income or Lower Middle Income Country.
  • The candidate must have been accepted into an ETH MAS, DAS, or CAS program based on his or her academic and professional credentials. Applications for both the continuing education program and the E4D scholarship program may be filed simultaneously.
  • All MAS, CAS, and DAS programs offered by the ETH Zurich continuing education program are eligible for the award. However, not all programs provide a fee reduction:
  • MAS Health and Nutrition, D-HEST
  • Nutrition for Health and Disease Prevention (CAS)

E4D Continuing Education Scholarship Programme Benefits.

The scholarship will pay for the following costs:

  • Cheap round-trip ticket, up to 2000 CHF
  • Visa costs
  • Living expenses during the program (2,000 CHF per month if the program lasts three weeks). If the program lasts up to three weeks, it will cost 800 CHF per week.
  • Waiver of the ETH general tuition cost (660 CHF per semester)

The scholarship DOES NOT cover the following costs:

  • The E4D Continuing Education Scholarship does not cover the program fees for the MAS/CAS/DAS.
  • Although the 150 CHF registration fee for applications cannot be covered, candidates from low-income countries will receive a refund if their application is rejected.

How to Apply for E4D Continuing Education Scholarship Programme

Scholarship applications are only accepted from applicants who have been accepted to an ETH MAS, DAS, or CAS program based on their academic and professional qualities.

Candidates must submit applications for the E4D scholarship and a continuing education program.


The process for applying to the continuing education program is described here. Applications for both the selected continuing education program and the E4D scholarship program should be submitted together.

Please submit your application to

  • Motivation letter outlining the reasons for enrolling in the curriculum and its potential effects on the candidate’s future career
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • University Diploma and transcripts
  • Two professional references
  • Certificate of employment



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