Do Teachers Get Paid in the Summer

The Summer holidays will soon be upon us, and your expenditure is bound to skydive.


Remember, you are a teacher with humble pay and can’t afford to spend all you’ve got in the summer unless there’s a contingency plan for more.

“Do teachers get paid in the summer?” should be the first question before setting out your vacation plan, as you do not want to end up bankrupt after the summer.

We have provided all the information you should know about the salary status of teachers in the summer.

Do Teachers Get Paid in the Summer?

No, teachers don’t get paid in the summer.


Teachers are not paid in the summer holidays when they are not in active service.

However, there may be a provision of paychecks for work done when school is in session for teachers whose pay is spread over 12 months.

Salaries spread through the year are not the same as getting paid for the summer months.

The intent behind many teachers receiving paychecks throughout the year, not just when school is in session, is logical and justifiable.

Stretching a teacher’s salary throughout the year ensures they receive benefits like medical coverage in the summer.


This allows them to accrue retirement service credits during the entire 12 months of the year.

Nevertheless, if you are a teacher just starting, the period where you’re not being paid could be very difficult to make up for.

You may need to take on extra tutoring jobs during the summer months, as it’s usually expected for teachers who are not actively working during the summer to go temporarily bankrupt from debt while trying to keep their bank accounts in the black.

How Can Teachers Get Paid in the Summer

Teachers can be paid in the summer if they have opted for the 12-month salary structure.

The 12-month salary structure involves breaking your annual pay into a 12-month payment plan.

So, a teacher earning an annual income of $3,600 can earn $600 monthly for 12 months, including summer breaks.

Teachers can make money in school districts for only certain months of the year.

If you opt for the 10-month payment plan, you will only collect paychecks during school, excluding the summer and holiday breaks.

During the eight weeks of summer, you won’t receive paychecks when the kids are not in school.

You might have to take on a summer job to keep up your purchases.

For teachers who like to keep their spending on a consistent level throughout the year, a 12-month salary schedule can be the best option.

Although the paycheck per month in the 12-month payment structure will be a little lower, the total amount of money you will make in a year will be the same.

You must think things through as a teacher before structuring your paycheck frequency.

Consider that during summer, you spend more than you would have when actively working.

What Can Teachers Do to Earn Extra Money During the Summer Months

Fun activities and family bonding characterize summertime. Hence there are typically quite a few groups of people willing to work in the summer.

Aside from teachers, there are also college students looking to earn extra cash for tuition by working.

This can sometimes mean getting a teaching job in the summer will be difficult.

Many teachers are advised to seek a summer position within the school district.

This ensures that you are working within the same environment you are used to working in.

The activities you engage in as work in the summer will likely help improve your resume.

You could decide to run a summer reading program through the school district.

A summer reading program can help you earn some extra cash and may be a bit of a boost to your resume compared to being a bartender.

However, some teachers love to get a break from the school system for the summer.

Many teachers prefer to work at restaurants and summer camps or find manual labor-type jobs that they can handle for the summer.

You can make extra cash as a teacher during the summer by taking any of these jobs:

As a teacher, here are some easy ways to make some extra cash; consider things like:

  • A Proofreading job
  • A Transcription job
  • Creation and things on Etsy
  • Start a blog 
  • Become a virtual assistant


Teachers do not get paid in summer, but if you select a 12-month payment plan, you can benefit from a smooth income and easy budgeting.

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