List Of The Current Best Universities In Africa

Best Universities in Africa

Many African students go abroad in the search of better education every year. Most of them prefer going overseas. The majority will opt for North American countries while others go to Europe. The reason behind all this is the idea that African universities do not offer the quality education required to secure one a decent job.

Before you going to search for a university abroad, you need to understand your personal needs. Apart from the education you gain, there are different other aspects that make the university the best for you. In other words, the best university for you might not be the one for another.


List Of The Current Best Universities In Africa

The following universities are the best performers as per the previous years. You can see if there is any that offers the degree you want to undertake. We do not guarantee which of them can fulfill your needs for the college diploma. For each of the listings, you will find information about the university background, the performance, and how you can apply to join the institution.


1. The University of Cape Town:

The institution is located in South Africa. The University of Cape town was established in the year 1829. During that time, it was set up as a High school. In the year 1918, it was established to be a full university. Over time, it has proved to be the leading education center for professional studies as well as research.


The university offers a diverse range of courses. You will be interested to learn from any of the major fields of Commerce, Science, Engineering, Law, or any other course you desire. All the courses offered are published on the university website located at


Before you join the college, you better understand what you can do and what not while at the University of Cape Town. The guidelines are all listed on the university’s Policies page on their website. You might want to get in touch with the school for more information as per your needs.


2.The Suez Canal University:

This institution is in Egypt. The University was founded in the year 1977. By then, the Suez Canal University was offering six faculties. Over the years, the university has grown tremendously whereby it now accommodates close to 50k students (as per the information on their website published on December 31st, 2012).

Currently, the Suez Canal University offers more than 20 faculties. Whether you are interested in Science, Agriculture, engineering, Commerce, or any other field of your interest, this university will be your ideal choice. You can read further on the university website:


3. Makerere University:

The university is in Uganda, East African region. It is one of the oldest universities in the region. The university began as a simple technical college (back in 1922) before it grew to the present university. The Makerere University offers education to both local as well as international scholars. There are regular, evening, and external study programs.


There are different modes of application if you want to join the university. Each mode depends on the level of study you want to enrol as well as your preferred mode of study. You can read more information, the rules, and the requirements on the university website by visiting


4. University of the Witwatersrand:

The institution is located in South Africa and is also referred to as “Wits University”. At Wits University, you will be able to learn from the different faculties offered and get an internationally recognized degree. Its high performance has seen the university soaring above many universities in africa at large.


The university offers seven faculties. These include Law, Commerce, Science, Engineering, Humanities, Health sciences, and Management. From these, you can choose a course from over the 3000 offered in 33 different schools (sections).


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