Countries In Africa That Has The Most Valid Stamp That Will Make You Travel Easily

Like i said in my previous article, (Tips On How To Travel To The U.S From Nigeria) a lot of people get rejected at the American Embassy because they want to travel with a virgin passport and I said in that article (You can read by click on this Link HEREIt’s not always good to travel with a virgin passport (A passport that has never been used before) because, when you cannot defend yourself very well (You See The Kind Of Questions You will asked at the U.S Embassy and how to answer them Here).

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Also, I stated that, for you to travel easily from any African country to the United States Of America (U.S.A) you would have to travel to any of the following African Countries for easy acquisition of U.S visa

  1. South Africa
  2. Ethiopia
  3. Kenya
  4. Algeria
  5. Mali
  6. Madagasta
  7. Nigeria (Most Times)

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When you have the above listed country’s stamp on your international passport, The American Embassy will grant you visa immediately.

Advise: Before you plan to travel or relocate to the states, at least plan to go a week vacation to the above mentioned countries just to get their stamp on your passport.


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