Caleb University 12th Convocation Ceremony

Caleb University will hold its 12th Convocation from January 19-21, 2023. Degrees, diplomas, and honorary degrees will be conferred at the institution’s Multipurpose Hall on the main campus at 9:00 am daily.


Caleb University’s 12th Convocation will take place during Founder’s Week from January 19-21, 2023, with the theme “Digital Disruptions, Financial Inclusion, Startups, and the Challenge of Youth Creativity.

“The final Convocation ceremony will coincide with the university’s 15th anniversary. The keynote speaker for the event will be Babatunde Fajemirokun, MD/CEO of AIICO Insurance Plc and an expert in pensions, insurance, management, and asset management.

On the first day, Thursday, January 19, 2023, the College of Pure and Applied Sciences (COPAS) and the College of Education (COLED) will hold their convocations.

On Friday, January 20, 2023, the College of Arts, Social, and Management Sciences (CASMAS) will be in the spotlight.


On the last day, Saturday, January 21, 2023, the College of Environmental Studies (COLENSMA) and the College of Post Graduate Studies (COPOS) will hold their convocations, along with the Convocation/Founder’s Day Lecture and the awarding of Honorary Degrees.


A hearty “Congratulations” to all those convoking at the Caleb University Convocation Ceremony.

By attending this event, you will not only be part of a memorable occasion but also have the opportunity to witness future leaders, innovators, and professionals as they take the next step in their academic and professional journeys.

Therefore, do not miss this milestone event. Also, share this article with your friends awaiting news of the Caleb University Convocation Ceremony.


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