BUK Academic Calendar for Completion of 2023/2024 Academic Session

The 2023/2024 academic session at Bayero University has experienced a few changes due to the postponement of the governorship election and the extension of the national election break.


As a result, the academic calendar has been adjusted to accommodate the extended break.

Students are advised to view the calendar to be updated on how the school runs academic activities.


BUK [aca-year] Academic Calendar

BUK will now resume from the election break on Tuesday, 21st March 2023. The last week of lectures and GSP examinations will take place between the 22nd and 31st of March 2023.

The second-semester examinations will occur from 3rd to 29th April 2023, spanning three weeks.


This period includes notable holidays such as Good Friday, Easter Monday, and Eid El Fit, which fall on April 7th, 10th, 24th, and 25th, respectively.

After the last examination, there will be a seven-week end-of-session break, which will last from 1st May to 17th June 2023. Finally, the new 2023/2024academic session is set to commence on Monday, 10th July 2023.

Tuesday, 21st March, 2023Resumption from Election Break
Wednesday, 22nd – Saturday, 31st March,2023Last Week of Lectures / GSP Examination
Monday, 3rd – 29th April, 20232023/2024Second Semester Examinations (3 weeks) including Good Friday, Easter Monday, and Eid El Fit (7th, 10th, 24th & 25th April, respectively)
Monday, 1st May, 2023 – 17th June,2023End of Session Break (7 Weeks after the Last Examination)
Monday, 10th July,2023Beginning of 2023/2024 Academic Session


By providing this updated information, we hope to help students and staff at Bauchi State University, Gadau, better plan their schedules for the completion of the [aca-year]academic session and the start of the 2023/2024session.

Please share this page with someone, and ensure to keep tabs on us as we continue to update you with more school information.


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