Assam College of Health Sciences and Technology, Kaduna 2023/2024 Professional Diploma Application Form

The Assam College of Health Sciences and Technology Management, Kaduna, is pleased to inform the public that selling application forms for professional diplomas for the 2023/2024 academic session has commenced.


With a strong commitment towards maintaining maximum acceptable standards.

Diploma Courses Offered

The available courses for which applicants may apply include:

  • Professional Diploma in Community Health
  • Professional Diploma in Pharmacy Technician
  • Professional Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Professional Diploma in Health Promotion and Education

Purchasing the Application Form

Prospective candidates are advised to purchase the application forms at the designated counter within the college premises starting from the date of this announcement.

  • Filling and Submitting the Application Form
  • Upon purchase of the application form, applicants are directed to fill the form accurately, providing all the necessary details.
  • The completed form should then be submitted to the college’s registrar’s office.
  • Along with the form, applicants should also provide any required certifications for the course of their choice.

Entrance Examination Schedule

After submitting the application form, the entrance examination date will be communicated to applicants in due course. This ensures that every applicant has ample time to prepare for the examination.



Align yourself with Assam College of Health Sciences and Technology, and let them guide you on your academic journey.

Be part of a community prioritising excellence, quality education, and holistic student development. Start your professional career with Assam College Health Sciences and Technology today.

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