MOUAU Pre- Degree, Part-Time Degree Registration Procedure For New Intakes 2019/2020 session

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All newly admitted students of Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU) are hereby informed that the management of the school has released the Pre-Degree and Part-Time Degree registration procedure for all admitted candidates.

MOUAU Pre-Degree and Part-Time Degree Registration Procedure.


  1. Click the link below for your indicated programme to enter your CAN Number.
  2. Enter your CAN Number as printed on your application Form.
  3. Accept the Admission letter and PRINT IT OUT.
  4. Proceed to the next page to PRINT OUT you pledge form.
  5. Proceed to the next page to pay acceptance fees on REMITA

How to pay on Remita:

  1. Student’s details shows up on the Acceptance fees platform. There is a tab labelled ‘Pay/paid via’, student should click on the drop down menu and choose pay using Remita Payment Gateway and then execute the Submit button.
  2. Remita link is now displayed. Student should click on the “Make Payment” button. The Remita payment secured platform shows up. Student details are displayed. Student can select either “Internet Banking”, “Master Card” or “Visa”.
    • If student is paying with internet banking, student should select Internet Banking Option and his/her bank and click on Submit button. A payment invoice is generated, which contains the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR). At the bottom right of the payment invoice, student clicks on the “proceed to Internet Bank” option, signs in with his/her existing bank details and proceed to make payment.
      A payment receipt is sent to registered email address.
    • If student is paying at local bank branch, student should equally select Internet Banking Option and select ANY Bank, click on Submit button. A payment invoice is generated, which contains the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR). At the bottom right of the payment invoice, student clicks on the “Print Invoice” option, prints this invoice page and proceeds to any bank for payment, after which a payment receipt is issued to the student at the bank.
    • If student is paying via ATM card, (Master or VISA cards ONLY) the student should click appropriate card type, and enter card details. A payment receipt is sent to registered email address.

P.S: If you are paying online (Internet Banking or via ATM cards), ensure that you print out your payment receipt!

  1. Once acceptance fees is paid and validated on the Portal, you will now proceed to the University Portal in Anyim Pius Auditorium to do WAEC Verification.


  1. With the WAEC Verification form, go to CEC Administration to present documents for clearance. Once this is done, the student is issued with an “Authority to pay” form.
  2. Student is to proceed back to the PORTAL OFFICE for an online clearance with the “Authority to pay” form.
  3. Student goes back to the Portal to do an online

SEE ALSO: MOUAU Pre-Degree Admission List and MOUAU Part-Time Degree Admission List 2019/2020. 


  1. Student now proceeds to pay School fees online via Remita Gateway. Payment procedure is same as Acceptance.


  1. Once school fees is paid and validated on the Portal, student now proceeds to enter ACES PIN details and goes on to fill a Biodata form which now auto generates a Matriculation Number for the student and subsequently register for his/her 100L (or 200 & 300L for DE Students) courses.
  2. Once Biodata, is done, student proceeds to the Department to collect the original copy of school fees receipt. With this receipt, student proceeds to the ID card Unit to capture and hence collect the School ID card.

NOTE: Student will be required to create a username and password whilst filling the Biodata Form. Please keep these details safe and secure as you will always use them to access your personalized section of the portal.

WARNING: Kindly note that failure to complete registration as and when due, WILL cause a delay when registering for the next Session. So we implore that you complete your registration in due time.

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