10 Tips On How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy As A Man

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This article is designed to help and lecture men on how to keep their relationships intact and healthy because i have come to understand that 70% of break up are mostly caused by men just because they don’t know what to do to keep their woman. In this article, we are going to be giving out ten (10) Tips on how you can maintain a strong relationship with your woman and make her love you to the core.

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The below Tips will help every man who is finding difficult to make his woman happy and it has been a problem you wanna solve at all cost. Go through this tips and apply them effectively and believe me, there will be a total change.

10 Tips On How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy As A Man.

1. Find Out Her Love Language: Every woman has a love language and until you as the man begins to speak her love language, you can never make her happy. So, it’s very important you find out her love language, learn to speak it with her and you will see her coming around all the time.

Most women’s love language is “attention” that kind of woman whose love language is attention, requires a minimum of 70% attention from the man and you must give it to her if you must keep her to yourself. So find out what your woman likes and her love language and learn to speak it with her and you will thank me later.

2. Always Listen To Her: Every woman likes a man who listens to them even when they are saying meaningless things. For your woman to be always there for you, you must learn to listen to her boring gist and long stories.

3. Never Raise Your Hand On Her: No woman will love any man that beats or bullies them at all time. so, as a man, don’t ever beat your woman.

4. Always Make Her Feel Comfortable: Make sure you don’t make your woman feel uncomfortable or suspect you of infidelity. when that happens, the love she has for you will automatically drop and must importantly, the trust won’t be there anymore.

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5. Always Tell Her The Truth: A lot of guys will say “ Women don’t deserve to be told the truth” I disagree with that ideology because truth is the bedrock of every strong relationship because it strengthens the love and trust. So, as a man, you should always tell her the truth no matter how bitter it might be. She will only get upset at the moment but will still come around.

6. Always Satisfy Her Sexually: One thing every man must learn is how to sexually satisfy their partner. It gets me sick when i see on social media cases where men could not satisfy their partner and it will now lead to infidelity. Take it or leave it, it’s every man’s responsibility to satisfy his partner’s sexually urge. As a man, You must learn to be very strong in bed and make sure your partner is satisfied.

7. Always Appreciate Her: Every woman likes it when their man tells them how beautiful and how important they are in their lives at all times. So, as a man, you must learn to tell your woman how beautiful she looks at all the time and make sure you remind her how important she is to your life.. Never allow man to tell her this things.

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8. Try Hard To Always Provide Her Basic Needs: Most men will say they can’t spend on their girlfriend but be aware that when you don’t provide her needs and another man does, her attention has been divided. You must not provide everything for her but at least once in a while you get her things and change her toiletries. This technique helps to keep the love stronger.

9. Surprise Her With Presents: Most women loves presents because they will always use it to brag about their men in front of their friends. As a man, you must learn to buy your girlfriend presents once in a while.

10. Love Her Naturally As She Is: This last tip is very important because when you love her naturally, you will never get tired of her. Just love her for what she is and you will enjoy your relationship.

I have been able to list 10 practicable and effective techniques that will help you as a man to keep your woman, i believe as you put these tips into practice, you will enjoy every bit and moment with your partner.


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