10 Tips On How To Keep Your Man As A Woman

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In this article, we are going to be looking at how a woman can bring out the best in her man and make him her best man in the whole world.

One of the problems we have in have in most of our relationships is because the woman don’t know how she make her man happy.

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Most women believes that having 10 rounds of sex with their man on a daily basis can keep him but my dear sister, sex don’t keep men though it helps make a relationship stronger (We will discuss that as we go on) but there so many other things that make your man stay and love you to the core without sex and we are going to be looking at the ten (10) major ones and i pray it helps you as you put it into practice.

10 Tips On How To Keep Your Man

The following are the ten (10) Major ways of keeping your man as a woman.

1. Know His Love Language: Every man has a love language and it’s very important that you as the woman must know his love language and speak it with him. Most men’s Love Language is “Submissiveness” Every man likes it when their woman is submissive.

2. Always Listen To Him: Men naturally are Egocentric and therefore, they want their woman to listen to them at all times. Listen to him when he’s telling his experience in the office or work place.

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3. Don’t Always Nag With Him: No man likes a nagging woman because most times, it appears like a challenge to their decision, so as a woman, you must not nag with him, you can actually voice your own opinion peacefully without raising your voice.

4. Always Satisfy Him Sexually: Statistics have shown that 90% of men love sex and they like it very hard so as a woman, you must train yourself to be very good in bed so that your man won’t cheat on you.

5. Support His Dreams And Ambitions: Men take very serious those women that supports their dreams and aspirations in one way or the other.

6. Respect Him: If you must maintain your position in your man’s life, you must learn to respect him no matter how small or broke he is.

7. Cook For Him: Many women do know no how to cook and it has caused so many problem in their relationships. The truth is every man loves a woman who can cook very well because food is one the easiest ways to get a man’s attention more especially good and tasteful food.

The shortcut to every man’s heart is his stomach because the secret to every man’s heart is  good food.

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8. Always Be Neat And Smell Good: As a woman, you must be neat and smell good so that your man will always desire to be around you.

9. Stay Fit Always: Men like girls that are not fat or too slim but moderate with flat tummy, In fact, sexy girls.. As a woman, you must watch your weight and make sure you look as fit as you were when he met you.

10. Love Him Unconditionally: You must love you man unconditionally and make him always feel loved. That’s way to keep him close to yourself.

I believe with this ten (10) powerful tips, every woman can secure and protect her relationship so that the high level of break ups will reduce.

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