How To Stay Healthy In Exam Season

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How to Stay Healthy in Exam Season
When the scary time of exam season creeps up on us, it’s often easy to throw our healthy habits out the window, focusing on study and spending more time with our heads in a book and not in the gym. But did you know that a healthy body usually equates with a healthy mind, and looking after your health can be just as important as studying, and can have just as must effect on your performance? So if you’re wondering how it’s possible to get the perfect balance to give you the best chance of success, take a look at our top tips for staying healthy in exam season.

Exercise is Your Friend
Many people view exercise as a ‘chore’, but its benefits are undeniable. Doing as little as 20 minutes of light exercise every day (such as walking, swimming, or dancing) can improve circulation and mental health, as well as reducing the risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Sitting down for long periods of time, such as when studying, can seriously impact your physical and mental health, meaning those hours and hours of studying aren’t as beneficial as we thought. It can lead to weight gain and high blood pressure, which can lead to further health problems. Cramming huge amounts of information in at a time has been proven to be less effective than doing small sections of revision.

Try breaking up your revision with small periods of exercise such as going for a walk around the block and stretching your legs, giving your mind and body a break. Even putting your favorite music on and dancing around the house counts as exercise – plus it’s a great stress reliever!

Watch What You Eat
Eating the right diet is essential for ensuring you’re on top form during this stressful season. It can be easy to grab the comfort food when you’re feeling the pressure, or choosing the quick and easy ‘fast’ food when you don’t have time to cook a nutritious meal. But how much can this impact on your overall result? Probably more than you realize! Food high in omega 3, such as oily fish, is proven to be beneficial for the brain, as well as having a huge range of other health benefits. Ensure you’re eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg to ensure your body gets the vitamins it needs to perform at its best. Saying this, don’t forget to treat yourself every once in a while!

Stay Hydrated – Drink Water!
Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to remember during exam season. Drinking plenty of water ensures your body and brain stays hydrated and has an abundance of energy. Ensuring you have a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go means you don’t have to worry about buying water while out or having to go thirsty. Try choosing water over options like soda and juice, as these drinks contain huge amounts of sugar and caffeine, which can seem like a good idea at the time, but after a short while will cause you to have a ‘sugar crash’, and leave you feeling groggy. On top of this, an increase in soda consumption is directly linked with weight gain – something which may cause extra stress during exam season. By choosing water instead, this can be easily controlled. Click Here to Check out top tips for staying hydrated. Their extensive list provides advice on how to get your maximum water intake whatever the season.

Happy Mind = Higher Grades
Whilst studying, many of us are guilty for pushing our mental health to one side, as it’s no longer a priority. This can lead to many students feeling down, anxious and over stressed. This can directly impact our performance in exams, but is something that can be avoided, or at least reduced by taking time out and talking about how we feel. Did you know that having poor mental health can affect memory and concentration, therefore directly impacting your overall grade? If you find yourself becoming more anxious or depressed around exam season, speak up! There are many people you can talk to, such as friends, family, teachers or health professionals, and it can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Make sure you take time out of studying to focus on yourself, whether it’s by meditating, reading a book or even something as simple as taking a bath. Check out these tips for relieving stress during exams.
Make sure you stick to these important tips to ensure you perform at your very best in exams. But remember, exam results don’t define you, and your physical and mental health is more important than your final grade! If you feel that the pressure of exams is getting unbearable, speak to someone right away, as they will be able to help more than you realize.

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