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King Agbaniye-Okio was the founder and first incumbent on the Okio stool of the Amayanabo Idama/Ekulama community and Dateme was the first male descendant of Okio the first. Okio 1 had only Kala-Aya, a female as a child when he died. Kala-Aya only gave birth to Dateme a male and Teinya a female. Dateme subsequently succeeded his Grandfather on the Okio stool and also founded his Dateme stool. The Okio stool is that of the Amayanabo of Idama whereas, the Dateme stool immediately covered at the family level, the descendants of both Dateme and Teinya. Teinya was a woman who got married and had two females only as her children namely Abba and Waridike. Those of Teinya’s children who came to the Dateme’s house were accepted and accommodated fully in the Dateme family and even became heads of the Dateme’s house. The present incumbent of the Dateme house is a descent of Teinya but the Dateme descendant preserves the Okio stool to the patrimony of Dateme. Teinya has no house, as chieftaincy house in Idama and lives under the Dateme house as members. In fact there has been no seperate Teinya house and that is why the teinya descendant are allowed even to head the Dateme house.

However, the said stool which the Okio dynasty has the first and founder of Idama / Ekulama as Okio 1.

The decendant of Dateme that have occupied the kingship stool are as follows: Dateme, Oritubo, Kala Dateme, Kingdom Dateme, Prince Itolumama Dateme. Whenever direct and capable successors from Dateme were unavailable, the eldest Chief was appointed to administer the affairs of the community. This was the situation up to the year 1987, when HRH. kingdom Gilbert Dateme – a direct descendant of Agbaniye-Okio, and Dateme was chosen by the Kingship Family of Dateme, to reign on the Agbaniye-Okio stool.

We will further state that under Ijaw and Kalabari custom and tradition as applicable to our community ( Idama) Kingship or Chieftaincy is hereditary from father to son or from brother to brother of the male descendant of the founding king. It was in line with the above custom and tradition that Dateme as the only male grandson of King Okio who was the first paramount ruler of King of Ekuluma now inherited the stool  of his grandfather and also established a compound in his name called Dateme Polo (compound).

Traditionally Chieftaincy in Kalabari land means a war canoe house, that means only sons of men can establish chieftaincy houses. The reason being that the chief off the house and the man go to war in defense of their town, and so women do not go to war. Therefore, chieftaincy in kalabari land is not an affair for the women and that is also to say, women do not inherit chieftancy and kingship stools.

Consequently, Teinya as a granddaughter of King Okio did not contest the Kingship Stool against her brother Dateme at the death of king Okio her grandfather. And so it is the chieftaincy stool created by Dateme that he had used to cater for his family and the descendants of his sister Teinya, for that reason and because there was oneness, a son of Teinya ( Chief Jim Dateme)  is presently the chief of the Dateme compound, which is why his answering Chief  Dateme.  To date, Teinya had been married away.

Currently, the descendant of Teinya is on the verge of taking over the stool of Dateme.  The important question now is; According to well documented traditional practices is it proper for the descendant of a female to dethrone the offspring of the male child ( Dateme descendant) which is the heir to the throne?

The Images below shows King Itolumama Gilbert Dateme during his inauguration as the the rightful heir to the throne.






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