UNILAG Students’ Record Office Review of Fees Charged For Services

This information is for the general public that  there has been an upward review of the rates charged for services provided by the Students’ Records Office in the University of Calabar (UNILAG).

1. Transcript 2,500 5,000 (Covers 1 Transcript Application Only).Additional transcripts Attract 1,000
2. Attestation, Verification, English as a Medium, To Whom it may Concern, Statement of Result 2,500 3,000
3. Scanning of Transcripts or other Documents to email addresses 1,000 1,000
4. Uploading of Transcript or other Documents per Link 1,000 2,000

Courier fees have also been reviewed upwards as stated below:

1. Africa 15,000
2. United States of America 20,000
3. United Kingdom 20,000
4. Canada 20,000
5. West Europe 20,000
6. Sweden 20,000
7. Asia 20,000
8. Middle East 20,000
9. Australia 20,000
10. Japan 20,000
11. South America 20,000
12. Other Countries


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