This is to inform the general public and all students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) that the school management has released the academic calendar for the 2017/2018 academic session.

Academic Calendar


         Month Activity Possible Duration Block Dates
January, 2018 Senate   11th January, 2018
January Convocation   19th – 20th January, 2018
January POP Examination begins 9 weeks 23rd  January, 2018
January POP Examination ends 13th February, 2018
January Preparation for e-Examination begins 17th February, 2018
January Marking of POP begins 19th February, 2018
February Preparation for e-Examination ends 19th February, 2018
February e-Examination begins 20th February, 2018
February Submission of TMA ends 28th February, 2018***
March e-Examination ends 16th March, 2018
March Marking of POP ends 16th March, 2018
March Registration of Courses/Examinations begin 4 weeks 19th March, 2018
March Collation of POP & e-Exam results end   22nd March, 2018
March Inaugural Lecture   March, 2018
March Senate   March, 2018
March Release of Results   30th March,  2018
April Registration of Courses/Examinations end   18th April, 2018
April 1st TMA 2 weeks 19th April, 2018
April Facilitation commences 10 weeks 19th April, 2018
May 2nd TMA 2 weeks 3rd  May, 2018
May IT/SIWES supervision 4 weeks 3rd  May – 2nd  June, 2018
May Inaugural Lecture   May, 2018
May Senate   May, 2018
May Orientation of Fresh Students   16th  – 18th May, 2018
May Matriculation Ceremony    May, 2018
May 3rd TMA   16th May, 2018
May 4th TMA   29th May, 2018
June Facilitation ends   28th June,  2018
July POP Examination begins 9 weeks 2nd July, 2018
July POP Examination ends   27th July, 2018
July Preparation for e-Examination begins   30th  July, 2018
July Marking of POP Examination begins   30th  July, 2018
August IT/SIWES Supervision 4 weeks 4th August, 2018 – 3rd Sept., 2018
August E-Examination begins   6th August, 2018
August Marking of POP Ends   20th August, 2018
September E-Examination Ends   7th September, 2018
September Collation of POP & e-Exam results end   10th September, 2018
September Inaugural Lecture   September, 2018
September Senate   September, 2018
September Release of Result   25th September, 2018
September Registration of Courses/Examinations begin 2 weeks 27th September, 2018
September 1st TMA   27th September, 2018
September Facilitation commences   28th September, 2018
October 2nd TMA   10th October, 2018
October Registration of Courses/Examination end   10th October, 2018
October Orientation of fresh students   17th – 19th October, 2018
October Matriculation   20th October, 2018
October Facilitation ends   20th October, 2018
October 3rd TMA   22nd October, 2018
October POP Examination begins   23rd October, 2018
November 4th TMA   4th November, 2018
November POP Examination ends   16th November, 2018
November Preparation for e-Examination begins   16th November, 2018
November Marking of POP Examination begins   16th November, 2018
November E-Examination begins   23rd November, 2018
December Marking of POP Ends   6th December, 2018
December E-Examination Ends   19th December, 2018
December Collation of POP & e-Exam results end   21st December, 2018
December Inaugural Lecture   December
December Senate   December
December Release of Result   31st December, 2018
January Registration of Courses/Examinations begin   7th January, 2019

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