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Here is the complete list of courses offered in Delta State University (DELSU).

To see the full details on each course/department, click on the highlighted link where the course is located and the full details will pop out.

Courses / Departments in DELSU


» Agricultural Economics
» Agricultural Science and Education
» Agriculture
» Anatomy
» Animal Science
» Banking and Finance (Admin)
» Biochemistry
» Botany
» Business Administration
» Business Administration
» Business Education
» Business Management
» Chemistry
» Civil Law
» Drama / Dramatic / Performing Arts
» Economics
» Education and Biology
» Education and Chemistry
» Education and Computer Science
» Education and Economics
» Education and English Language
» Education and Fine and Applied Arts
» Education and French
» Education and Geography / Physics
» Education and History
» Education and Integrated Science
» Education and Mathematics
» Education and Music
» Education and Physics
» Education and Political Science
» Education and Religious Studies
» Education and Social Studies
» Educational Management
» English and Literary Studies
» Fine Art / Fine and Applied Arts
» Fisheries
» Forestry And WildLife
» French
» Geography and Regional Planning
» Geology
» Guidance and Counseling
» Health Education
» History and International Studies
» Home Economics and Education
» Hospitality And Tourism Management
» Industrial Chemistry
» Industrial Mathematics
» Library and Information Science
» Library Science
» Linguistics
» Linguistics / Urhobo
» Marketing
» Mass Communication
» Mathematics
» Medical Biochemistry
» Medicine and Surgery
» Music
» Nursery and Primary Education
» Nursing / Nursing Science
» Pharmacology And Therapeutics
» Pharmacy
» Philosophy
» Philosophy
» Physical and Health Education
» Physics
» Physiology
» Political Science
» Psychology
» Religious Studies
» Sociology
» Soil Science
» Technical Education
» Zoology.


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