List of Courses Offered In Niger Delta University (NDU).

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This is to inform the public that the school management has arranged the list of courses offered and departments available in Niger Delta University (NDU)

We’ve made it easy for students to view the subject combination and study requirements that they need to get into any listed courses offered NDU.

To get the complete details, just click on the desired course and all the information you need will be displayed.


Courses / Departments in NDU


» Accountancy / Finance / Accounting
» Adult Education
» Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
» Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
» Banking and Finance (Mgt)
» Biochemistry
» Biological Science(s)
» Business Administration / Marketing
» Business Education
» Chemical / Petrochemical Engineering
» Chemistry
» Civil Engineering
» Crop Production Technology
» Curriculum and Instruction
» Economics
» Education and Political Science
» Education and Science
» Education and Social Science
» Education Arts
» Educational Management
» Electrical / Electronic Engineering
» Electrical Engineering
» English and Literary Studies
» English Language
» Fine Art / Fine and Applied Arts
» Fisheries Technology
» Geography
» Geology
» History and Diplomacy
» Hospitality And Tourism Management
» Industrial Education Technology
» Insurance
» Insurance and Actuarial Science
» Law
» Livestock Production Technology
» Marine Engineering
» Mathematics / Computer Science
» Mechanical Engineering
» Medicine and Surgery
» Nursing / Nursing Science
» Office And Information Management
» Personnel Management
» Petroleum Engineering
» Pharmacy
» Philosophy
» Physics
» Physics with Electronics
» Political Science
» Pure / Applied Chemistry
» Religious Studies
» Sociology and Anthropology
» Theatre Arts
» Vocational Industrial Education


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