Must Read: Registration Guideline For Newly Admitted Students Of The Federal Poly Nekede

All newly admitted students (ND1/HND1) of the federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri Imo State are to read, understand and follow the following registration steps during their registration.



The below written steps contains the complete steps to be taken during student registration and all newly admitted  students are to follow these steps.


The registration procedures of the federal polytechnic has so many steps and they includes,

Step 1: Payment Of Acceptance Fee

To pay your acceptance fee, follow the procedures below;

Go to any cyber cafe and generate invoice for acceptance fee payment,( please make sure you fill in your correct details because any mistake will take you to portal and you will be delayed for days or weeks )

Proceed with the invoice to Micro Finance bank, Fidelity or Access banks inside the school and pay your acceptance fee.

In the bank, you will be given a teller, fill in your, Reference Number (RRR NO) written on the invoice, your Name, Department, Faculty, Level, e.t.c.


After the payment of acceptance fee, locate your faculty/department and also your screening office.

At the screening office, you will go with the following documents,

Acceptance fee receipt

Application Form,

Accreditation of O’ Level result,

and your O’ Level Result.


Students with Awaiting result are to go with their statement of result and school certificate.

Then, After your first screening, if you are found worthy you will be given a paper called authorization to pay school fees that will enable you to pay school fees and the school file which means you have opened a file.




At the first screening office is where you may be screened out or in because if your admission is fake, it is there you will know and also, it is at the first screening stage that you will shifted to another department if your applied department is filled up. That is why it is necessary you should go for your first screening before you resume lecture or buy text books.

Step Three School fees payment

After you must have been given the authorization to pay school fee, all you have to do is to go to any cyber cafe and generate invoice for school fees payment.

Go to any of the banks in the school and make your payment and you will given your school fees receipt which will give the go ahead to go for your medical.

Step Four: Payment  Of SUG/Departmental fees

To pay your student union government (SUG) Fee/ Departmental fee, you will go to access or fidelity bank inside the school, request for SUG OR Departmental fee payment teller, fill it and pay.

After Payment, go to SUG Secretariat and change the payment print out into receipt.

Also go to your department (H.O.D’S OFFICE) And change the departmental fee payment print out into a receipt.

Step Five: Medicals

After all necessary payments, you can now proceed to the school’s Medical center (Mile 2 Close to Chapel of grace) with your school fees receipt.

At the medical center, you will be given a medical file which you will fill and also you will be given a paper which inside is written the name of the hospital you are referred to for your X Tray and other medical tests.

After the X-Tray and other tests, return back to the school to submit the doctor’s report and other needed document given to you in the hospital and you will given the school’s medical report which you will use for your last screening (Closing of file).

Step Six: Filling Of the school File

After you have made all your payments and have gotten all the necessary documents you need, you can now start to fill your school file.


You are to fill the correct information needed because any mistake will make you loose the file and you will have to now purchase any one with money. Though you will be thought how to fill the file and the necessary documents needed for its submission.

Step Seven: Closing Of File

After all set and done, you are to go back to your screening office where you collected the file and submit it so that you can be given a Registration Number (REG NO/ Matriculation Number ) Which will now make you a Qualified student of the school.


You are to attach the necessary documents to the file before submission.

You are to get your Reg No before Exam so that you can use it to sit for your Exam because you might not be allowed to write Exam without your Reg No.

It is also important that you write your exam with your Reg No so that if you encounter any problem with your result or exam answer script you can easily resolve it but without it you can’t be given attention by any staff because it is assumed you are not a student of the school.

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