Must Read: Seven (7) Secrets To Success

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Success is the state of been progressive, prosperous in any chosen field or area of life.

Success can also be the achievement of one’s aim or goal in life i.e been victorious over so many things and in the end achieving your desire.


In the journey to success,  there are seven most important keys to make it a reality. These keys includes

1. PRAYERS:  Prayer is an inner house communication between humanity and divinity. Prayer is also said to be an avenue to relay our burdens to our creator (God).


Prayer is a vital tool in the journey to a successful life in the sense that it creates an avenue for us to explain and tell God what we desire in life.

It also help fight against any external forces that would want to stop our success in any way at all.

2. WISDOM: Wisdom according to oxford advanced learners dictionary, is a unique character or attribute of a person which enables him/her to be able to distinguish between the wise and the unwise.

The journey of success requires a lot of wisdom not just theoretically, but also practically because it takes wisdom to know the right step to take even in the midst of confusion.


3. INVESTING IN GOD’S VINEYARD:   This is the most important key to success. This simply implies the ability to do things in the house of God.

When we sow in the house of God, he rewards us abundantly because it is written in his word that he is not a man that he should forget the labour of our hands.


4. GIVING ARMS TO PEOPLE: One of the things that makes a man successful, is when he learns how to give out to people because the more he gives, the more he receive.

5. HUMILITY: The bible says ” Humility exhausts a man but pride is a destruction. I.e, when a man applies the law of humility in his life endeavours , he stands a chance of been the successful man that God has destined him to be.

6. ZEALOUSNESS:   This is the ability to be passionate, persistent and strive for that which you desire in life.

Zeal drive the wisdom and lands it at the point of success.

7. CONCENTRATION/FOCUS: The best way to achieve your dreams in life is to remain focused and concentrated in that which you do.

When you have the focus on that which you want to do, it becomes easy and no sort of distraction can stop you if only you remain focused.

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