OMG! A Woman Allegedly Beaten To Death By Her Husband Today

Report getting to us this evening about a woman by Name Ronke Shonde who was allegedly beaten to death by her husband Lekan Shonde because of some domestic violence.

Ronke was found lifeless in her room this Morning by her neighbours who explained that there was noise in her house that night but they thought  it was not a serious thing but to their surprise this morning seeing her corpse lying on the floor.

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The husband of this woman { Lekan Shonde } has said to be missing since morning and his phone numbers switched off.

It seems like a dream hearing this shocking news because i don’t still believe that men of this generation still beat up their wives at home.

Why would a man beat up his wife whom he claims to love and also used his hard earn money to marry? It is very bad and cruel. Please husbands stop beating your wives because the are only helpers to you! Remember they are called weaker vessels!

Women please  stop provoking your husbands to wrath, always make them feel like the head of the family, always play your role as a wife and a helper to him.

Parents please teach your sons how to treat a woman so that when they marry they will not depart from it.

This woman who lost her life today in the course of domestic violence is a mother of two and now her children are motherless and will grow with the mentality that their mother was murdered by their father which is very bad.


All young married couples please always run away from  violence weather the man or the woman is at forth and  always play your role as either husband or wife.

All  young boys and girls in a relationship more especially the girls please know your guy very well, study him like a book and make sure you understand him. Know his moods { when his sad or happy} . If he is the violent or hot tempered type, please run for your dear life, do not allow love to take over you because in the end, you may end up like Ronke Shonde.

Boy please always learn how to control your temper more especially where your girlfriend or fiancee is. Always respect her opinions and always make her feel like a Queen that she is. By so doing, the issue of husband beating  his wife to death and wife killing her husband can be combated.

Help the present administration in making Nigeria a better place by maintaining peace and order in your homes.

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