A Police Officer Shot A Uniport Student Dead During Protest!!!

To be frank i don’t know what is really wrong with the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). I keep asking myself, is it that before they handed guns to these police officers, they didn’t oriented them about his to make use of guns? Is that the officers don’t know that gun shoots do kill people? Or anytime they shoot at human beings, are they on high drugs or something? I’m so confused and devastated right now that’s why i’m asking all these questions. Because these days the Nigerian police officers do shoot at anything and everything that they lay their hands on, without a second thought.

Last year, that was how a police officer shot an innocent man with his wife in presence of their little children. Thee woman died but the man survived the bullet.

And now is another careless act by a police officer.

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University of Port Harcourt (Uniport) students were protesting today 11-04-2016 because the students did not agree with the new law that was propounded by the School. The law which states  that students must pay their school fees before they can write their exams & students that fail to pay will automatically carry all the courses over.

The school exams that was suppose to commence today was stopped because of the protest against injustice. Students came out as one & were protesting that the new law that was passed did not go well with them and the school authorities should allow them to proceed with their exams.

But rather, the Students Union Government (SUG) said that any student fails to pay their fees, will not be allowed to do clearance and can not go for Nigerian Youth Service Corp (NYSC). But the school authorities failed to accept the students proposal & appeal. The students says it’s very hard for them to meet up with the school demands because most of them are the ones training themselves in school and presently, the country is passing through a hard time, due to the economy breakdown. And they can’t meet up with the new law by the school, but they were turned down. So the students came out en-masses to protest and fight for their rights. But unfortunately, the Nigerian Police came into the scene and everything changed because a police officer shot a student dead in cold blood during the protest.

The question here is :

When will the Nigerian Police Ceased to be triggered?

What happened to the use of teargass, pepper spray etc, to stop dispersing protesters where the need arises?

Peter Ofurum, who was popularly known as Sir P, and an undergraduate of theDepartment of Accounting, University ofPort Harcourt, has been shot to death by the Nigerian Police.

Mr Peter Efurum is a young student leader who decided to standup for those he represent, a display of true ALUTA Spirit which is becoming rare amongst students leaders in this generation.

He wasn’t one of the criminals terrorizing the state which the police have failed to bring to book over time now. He wasn’t among those beheading Rivers people here and there.

As a matter of fact, he was a dedicated student leader who stood up against exorbitant increase in school fees and other affairs that benefits the students. He was the kind the policare always eager to practice their combat skills on.

Peter was a Comrade who was willing to fight for the rights of students. He strongly believes in Aluta Continue and Victoria Aserta (Struggle continues and Victory is Certain) but he paid the ultimate Aluta sacrifice but itwasn’t just a sacrifice. He was killed by the Nigerian Police.

He was murdered by a trigger  police officer who doesn’t know what conflict resolution is all about and what protest really means.

What you all think about the rude and crude act by the Police officer who shot Mr Peter Efurum Dead, for no just cause?

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