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TOPIC: Yesterday is Gone

TEXT: Exodus 3:14


Many of us are so carried away by our yesterday’s achievements that we have nothing to show for today. Beloved,  yesterday is gone, thank God you had something to show for it, but do you know what God wants to do with and through you today is mighty compare to what he had done previously through you?

when Moses was sent my God to the people of Israel, Moses asked, if the people want an introduction of you what should I tell them,  God replied,  tell them I AM sent you.  Notice that though God could have introduced himself as the creator of heaven and earth etc but he told himself,  yesterday is gone.

Once, I asked the Holy Spirit why do we have the best of people in their yesterdays, when the path of the righteous should shine brighter and brighter unto the coming days and the reply was, “my people are satisfied with the little glory I revealed to them yesterday”

Now it is common to hear ministers give testimonies of 1980s as though God has retired from performing miracles today. Brethren are easily introduced as, one time this,…one time that, but presently nothing.

If the glory of the later should supersede that of the former then we must pray,  Father, yesterday’s gone, today we are in need of you much more than yesterday. I pray for users of compass, may you not know a better yesterday in your life; marriage, academics, business, ministry, finance etc in Jesus name Amen.


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