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Tips for weight loss

 female in old jeans pant after losing weight
female in old jeans pant after losing weight


Wake up early in the morning, your outfit should be shorts and half cut or sweat suit, make sure you drink a cup of water before your exercise because it is good for your health. You can start excising with sit-ups and a little press-up and some stretches. All this helps the nerves to be lively and ready for the task ahead.

DANCING: Dancing is a very good mode of burning some calories without you knowing of what it does to your body system. A true dance comes form the inside. You dance with your heart because you love dancing and you enjoy what you do. And until you see dance as a hobby and not a short cut to weight loss, you will be finding it difficult to dance and burn out those accumulated calories that needs to leave your body.

Dancing is suppose to be fun and not the other way around. So it is advisable to see dance as a stress free routine than to see it as a weight loss routine because most routine for weight loss are usually hard  and we tend to find it difficult to do. But if we take dancing a daily routine, then it makes it easier.

REDUCE YOUR FOOD INTAKE: I know everybody likes food a lot, most people are foodies. But reducing the content of what you eat daily has a major role to play when it comes to this topic- Weight Loss.

Now let me break it down bit by bit. If you you are use to eating seven spoonful of rice, why not reduce it to five (5) spoonful of rice? And if you do eat four slices of bread on a daily basis, reduce it to two slices. You have to reduce it in such a way that it won’t be noticeable. This is because your mindset plays a big role when watching your weight. And try not to eat bread on a daily basis because it is high in calories.

And before you eat any meal, try to drink a cup of water. This helps to reduce your intake because the water has already killed the hunger in you and it will help you to consume a little than the normal.

DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST: I am aware you must have heard this over and over again but the bitter truth here is the truth. Breakfast is the most important meal in the day and mustn’t be skipped no matter the circumstances. The body needs food to keep going. The body needs food for strength and energy to perform positively and give back the required results.

Now without breakfast, the body can’t work properly, the brain can’t act right, the eyes can’t see properly and the hands will be shaky after some hours without breakfast for the day.

It is for your good not to skip breakfast at all especially when you are on a weight loss program. Because if you do, you will consume more than the normal when you are ready to eat because of the hunger you feel deep inside of you and even if you want to control it, you can’t due to the fact that the stomach is open and needs to be filled with whatever. And always have it at the back of your mind that the stomach is a respecter of none, but it can controlled by only you.

Note: It is very important to start up your metabolism and breakfast does the magic. A car can’t start without gas, that’s how the body works and it is not a good idea¬† to force it because it might knock the engine, so think twice anytime you want to skip breakfast.

SWIMMING: Truth be told, swimming does the little magic. Swimming helps to burn a lot of calories because when swimming, the whole body partakes in this kind of activity.

Swimming gives energy, you’d discover that after every swim practice, you look stronger, healthier, and lighter. Swimming is the same as jogging because you burn same amount of calories when you do either of them. The burnt calories are of the same percentage.


TAKE A WALK: Now instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Instead of riding a bike to the grocery store at the corner of your house, take a walk and you will notice the difference.

Taking a stroll/walking:This kind of exercise,is good for those walker holics that hardly make time for themselves because of their busy schedule,and also this kind of exercise is good for the fatigue that lose strength or energy. they hardly make out time for themselves and they find exercises difficult for them.

While taking a work, you burn some known and unknown calories and it makes your body lighter. Always make sure you stroll/ take a walk every evening before going to bed and it also helps the food to digest faster.


I will continue on my next article, so stay glued to my blog. And also drop comments to let me know how far you have gone and how fast it works.

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