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“I hate Christians but love Christ” Gandi retorted in an interview. He said the reason was that Jesus showed an indiscriminate love for all men, whether to those who believe in him or not but his followers(ie Christians)  don’t even love themselves let alone their worlds.

Sometimes I feel same way, bcoz gradually the church is becoming a battle field, where supposed worshippers meet to struggle for acknowledgement and positions,  it’s becoming a court room where we have to argue out an agenda in meeting for hours before coming to terms that is if truly we come to terms, a place where children church is not necessary as I want to keep my children at close shot since those in the children church may transfer aggression from me to them. It is no more news to watch ministers engage in unhealthy competitions among themselves.

Let’s reason together,  you and I know,  it was not so from the beginning. In the beginning nobody did campaigns or house-house talk before Judas position was filled by election. Even our political leaders are willing to leave office than our Chairmen,  General Overseers and other church leaders.

If Christianity was like this,  I wouldn’t have stayed this long in it and if it continues like this my children may seek alternative. May it not be so in Jesus name.  If you share same view with me,  let’s take out time today to pray for the church,  begin from your local church. God bless you.

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