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TOPIC: The Value of a Follower

Last Friday we were directed to talk to our leaders,  today the table is turned to followers, disciples, church workers, employees etc. You are resuming work this week, it is very important that you note the following to increase your worth or value in that place you are:

(1) Your worth increase when you can be sent, “here am I send me”, are you available and sendable, every boss like such people (Isa 6:8)

(2) every boss value so high, people that can start and finish a task or project, it is very important that the hand that start should finish because only then can that accomplishment be attributed to such person.  Zech 4:9, “the hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation… His hand shall also finish it

Your worth also increases when you accomplish a task at the earliest possible time. I always mentioned that Fast is an attitude while Patience a virtue (therefore finish that given task fast and patiently wait for the reward) if fast is an attitude then you have to develop it in you. Every leader places a high premium on speed. Think of these things as you begin this week  (…to be continued) have a nice day at work.


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