The Teenage Girl With A Strange Illness- Bleeding From Ears, Tongue, Nose, Eyes And Fingernails!!!

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A young teenage girl named Marnie-Rae Harvey who is suffering from a dreaded illness which blood gushes out from her ears, nose, eye, tongue, scalp, and from her fingernails. This illness makes her unable to socialize and also stops her from going to college. The doctors seem not to find the cure for the illness, and as such given her a name, known as- ”Mystery Girl”.


Marnie is advised by the doctors to stay at home because the bleeding could start anytime. While the doctors are doing their best to find solutions to Marnie’s case.

12 Cath, who is scared and worried for her daughter’s health- says she has to shake her every morning to be sure that her daughter Marnie is alive.

22”It feels like we are living in a horror movie. At first it was only her eye. She woke up in a pool of blood. She came downstairs with the blood pouring from her eye. We rushed her to A&E but they could do nothing for her.

“Then it started coming from inside her ears, big blood clots, and then from under her fingernails. Recently, she tipped her head upside down and blood started spurting out from her scalp.

“The strangest thing is that her eye can be pouring blood until her face is covered and then suddenly it stops and the whites of her eyes are clear.

“The bleeding comes from the base of her tongue, a string of blood. She has to sit there with a cotton pad in her mouth to stop her swallowing blood.”

Cath, is an assistant worker in her home town of Stoke-on-Trent. She has two daughters of which Marnie is the the youngest and her elder sister Leigh is about 25 years old. Due to the work Cath does, her husband and her daughter ( Leigh) have to stay at home with Marnie, because it wouldn’t be safe for Marnie to stay home all by herself, for security purposes and for her safety.

:”I wake up in the night with her vomiting blood and then I have to go to work. I can’t think of anything else, it’s a constant worry.” one of the worst things for the family is the reaction of other people when they see her daughter.

“There’s the scare factor. We go to A&E all the time in a panic at the symptoms but there is nothing they can do. Last time we were there everyone was taking pictures of her and saying how disgusting it was. I had to take her outside, where she passed out. – Cath.
Marnie said the worst thing about her condition was being unable to leave the house or carry on with her life.

“I’s weird, scary, really scary. I woke up the first time in a pool of blood. I walked downstairs and my eye was bleeding and the whole side of my face was covered in blood. My family were so shocked.

“I applied for a hairdressing course but I had to stop for fear of bleeding on the customers. I’ve lost most of my friends, they don’t want to see me. I’m always at home. My life is on hold, I can’t go to college.

“My eyes are the most shocking thing. I wish the doctors would just find what it is. No one has ever seen anything like it before.” – Marnie Rae Harvey
Cath said she wants to raise awareness about Marnie’s condition-

“We know there will be silly comments, people calling her a vampire. But we hope someone, somewhere will have witnessed it and give us something, anything to help.We want to raise awareness, there must be someone else in the world with this”It has been confirmed by the doctors that Marnie does not have a brain tumor, blood disease nor clothing disorders. But the doctors are yet to find the cause of her bleeding.

An ultrasound has shown that her internal and external organs such as ; her womb, kidneys, ovaries and organs, are in good shape. While a CT, and MRI scans has also shown that her external organs such as ; her eyes, ears, nose, and throat are normal.
Marnie has been referred to a Gynecologist for further research to find out if the illness is connected to her uterus because its gets worse whenever she’s on her period.

Source – MirrorUK

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  1. uksimon

    March 11, 2016 at 1:58 PM

    Internal organs too? Has a form of Ehlers Danlos and another underying condition been ruled out?

  2. Will S

    March 17, 2016 at 12:23 AM

    I agree with the commentor above, please pass this onto Marnie and family. If a genetic test/screen for mutation or impairment of one of these genes ADAMTS2, COL1A1, COL1A2, COL3A1, COL4A1, COL5A1, COL5A2, PLOD1, and TNXB hasn’t taken place it should be done ASAP. Given all the negative results from the other tests, there remains two most likely possibilities. Something environmental to which she is uniquely hypersensitive to, or a rare double recessive genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos. In any case, what she presents with this condition seems to indicate some sort of connective tissue disorder which interferes with certain protein manufacturing responsible for the thickness of the blood vessel walls at the arterial-venous transposition site.

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