See What Female Cadets Are Going Through In The Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA)

I saw this on LIB and was so touched at the whole story. I never wanted to write about this but a thought came to my mind, that if i don’t write about it, how it it go round for others to see what the female cadets are going through in the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) all in the name of becoming a soldier in the future.

Before now, i use to think that the females in the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) have their own quarters and they are being disciplined by the senior female Cadet and not by the males, but i never knew it is the other way around.

The lady here in this photos was being punished all in the training. All i see here is a brutal punishment and not a training because this is outrageous and inhumane.


Conversation between the senior male cadets and the woman and more pictures after the cut.
Senior Cadet: Answer me , is this the Air-force of your dreams?
Woman:  (while sobbing)   Yes Sir
Senior Cadet: What is your name?
Woman : …H.T Ebenezer sir (while crying)
Woman: Sir please
Senior Cadet: What of your Fiancee? Do you have a fiancee?
In the video the other senior male cadets could be heard telling the woman ‘ Don’t worry after this weeks of training you will appreciate it’. ‘I will flog you again o, Ebenezer’


This is the main reason why it is not a good idea to judge a book by its cover. Now i know why the female cadets are so heartless when they graduate from the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA). This simply implies that when they now fully ready to go into the field, and execute their duties, people will start calling them names without knowing what these soldiers went through during their training in becoming a soldier.

This is specially for the ladies who are aspiring to become future soldiers, to be careful when it comes to choosing their career specialization. They are advised to really do a complete research about what it really entails before jumping into a particular specialization.

Source- LIB

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