Say No To Domestic Violence.

A US based woman Ja ‘Kara Palmore shares her personal photos of her beaten and swollen face after she was beaten up  by her husband  and she has been married to this man for a year now. This horrible act was because of a disagreement between the couple.





“I decided to snap a pic of my face today… Not for sympathy because I don’t need it! As ugly as I may feel right now, I know that the feeling is only temporary and after having a few conversations with my family and friends I was forced to remember who and whose I am!

The beauty in my face was altered but NOT in my heart!!! Yes I am still angry because the man that I trusted with my life and my heart was determined to KILL ME!!! My spirit and heart was BROKEN but the more that I think about it the more that I feel led to share my story! I will be married for a year on the 28th of this month and the man that I chose to spend the rest of my life with was not who I thought he was! Do I love him? Absolutely and because I love him I was blinded by the signs that he had already given me! When someone shows you who they are BELIEVE them! I wanted to see the good in him, I wanted to help him shake whatever it was that had a hold on his mind but a person has to first want that for themselves! As hard as it is I have to forgive that man regardless of what he did to me! I refuse to allow this situation to hinder my growth and all the blessings that are in store for me! I trust that God will get me THROUGH this situation and I will come out on top! I AM AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and NO one should EVER have to go through what I went through! If you are in an abusive relationship GET OUT OF IT… Trust GOD!!! And ‪#‎LIVE‬” – Ja ‘Kara Palmore.


Say no to domestic violence. If your partner beats up up in your relationship, opt out of it. Don’t stay back because of love. What i believe in is ‘If a man claim to love you, he will never raise his hands on you no matter how big is the offence. This is because he knows better’.

A real man knows how to deal with his partner when she misbehaves, he knows how to make her apologized on bended kneels without raising his hands on her.

Do not stay back receiving daily punches because you love him and you are hoping that he would change someday. You should also have it at the back of your mind that it would be a ‘Miracle for a Leopard to change his Skin’.


What do you this of this horrible act? Drop your comments below.

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