President Buhari- Should Stop Persecuting the South/South And The South/East!!!

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Alex Badeh has been detained by BUHARI through the so called EFCC fir almost 3 weeks without any justification.


Nigeria’s former defence chief, Alex Badeh, has denied allegations by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, that he was involved in stealing money meant for purchase of arms, describing his current detention by the EFCC as “persecution”.


The former Air Chief Marshal, has been detained on false charges because he is from the South/South. He has lamented that he is being subjected to ‘Media trial’ for no just cause.


Since Buahri took over power in an election that in an election that was compromised by the then INEC Chairman, Professor Jega. He has not hidden his hatred for the people of the south/Soith and the South/East.


Meanwhile there is enough proof and evidence to show that majority of the people indicted in the Haliburton scandal are from the North and Western parts of the country. But what has Buhari done to those implicated? Nothing.


Today it is people from the South/South arrested by the so called EFCC, tomorrow, it is three from the South/East while his brothers are left without trial.


This government of Buhari has left the very fundamental issues of bringing the Naira equal to the Dollar, ending the killings in the North/East devastated by the Boko haram, #Bringingbackthechibokgirls, paying the N5000 Naira he promised to the unemployed if voted into power, giving free meals to Nigerian learners at various levels and improving the Nigerian economy among numerous promises he made during his campaign to become Nigeria’s president but for which he has failed completely to implement.


Mr Badeh has repeatedly complained that he has being treated unjustly and unfairly by the APC.


If a particular people are maltreated and they feel that the best thing for them is to be on their own, then such people should be allowed to go their own way as is happening in the south East where they are demanding for their own republic, the same agitation is also demanded by the people of the Niger Delta to have their own independence.


The Kaiama declaration is still very fresh. Buhari will push the country to split from the way he is operating this democratic experience.


Imaging the record of appointments Buhari made as at December, 2015. Out of 36 appointments he made, 26 went to the North, 5 went to the South West, 4 went to the South/South and 1 went to the South/East.


This is dangerous to a united government. This government has brought a very negative change of pains, sufferings, hardship, persecution and more seriously devastating economic destruction to the country called Nigeria.

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Source- Dave Asei

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