Picked By Grace- Compass For Today!!!

TOPIC: Picked by grace

TEXT: Genesis 6:8

Daily compass and devotional in Nigeria, Africa and the world

Despite God’s conclusion about man and His determination to destroy the whole earth, someone was easily picked by grace. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord hence he was saved. When grace comes around,even your sins appear no where to be found.  Ask Paul-grace picked him and God met with him despite his numerous atrocities.

Not until after his meeting with divinity, were his sins forgiven. This new month,I speak to you, the Grace of God that comes with peace that surpass all human understanding rest on you. The grace will make you fly where others are running. The grace will single you out for a turning point encounter.

This month, you will see the manifestation of His grace in your life.This is the month of March-march with the grace of God! Be favored!  Be graced! Shalom

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