Paul- Psquare Begs His Brother Peter To Come Back.

I have written an about the beginning of the end of Psquare and who will be more famous if Psquare broke up. But at that time when i wrote these articles, the Psquare brothers were still together and doing fine.


But presently things has gotten out of hand because Peter of Psquare has gone solo due to the fact he wants their management to be changed. Their manager who is their blood elder brother, Jude Okoye. Jude has been managing Psquare for decade now & all if a sudden Peter wants Jude to be changed due to some disagreement between them.

Paul Psquare does not want change because he feels family is everything. And he was mad at Peter for taking family issues to social media.

Peter said he’s done doing family business and that family business is a pain in the $ss. Paul shared on photo on Instagram & that photo was the three of them, Paul, Peter & Jude. Paul cropped Peter out of the picture & replaced Peter with a studio set. And he captioned it this is where i stand, you say you don’t do family business, then who am i to you?


And Peter posted a photo & captioned, “You replacing me with a studio set has said it all brother. You want people to look at me as the social media rant. I wish you well brother.

Peter later flaunts his new management on Instagram & changed his name to MrP not Peter Psquare. Peter started going to shows without his second half Paul. He started uploading photos on social media of him performing alone.


Meanwhile all these while, Paul Psquare has not done anything outside Psquare. Paul has been working on his newly signed artists, Muno and Lucy.

But Peter has been doing things alone as MrP. Meanwhile the main issue of management has been resolved because Jude stopped being Psquare’ s manager a month ago & Peter refused to come back to Psquare because all he wanted was a solo career.


Paul has always supported Peter. He’s was there when Peter signed two separate endorsement deals alone, he didn’t complain about it. But now he tried doing something outside Psquare, problem upon problem.


Paul later released a new single titled CALL HEAVEN and on this single, he narrated the whole story and was wishing their parents was still alive, especially their mother. Say their mother would have intervene & settle the disputes among them but it’s so unfortunate that the mother has passed on.

Peter on the other hand released a single titled EYES and on the single, he talked about different thing. He acted normally like he’s fine with going solo.


Paul Psquare today, posted a photo of him carrying and he captioned it:

‘All you all want is psquare,…all I want is family, love and care! Social media is the new root of all evil! There’s family before Psquare and there will always be family after PSquare ….Jude was only a scape goat and a victim. The person who  has been keeping us together for all these years,..the truth is peter and Paul have issues!.For the first time I decided to do something outside Psquare ,and that is the case study here. I have always supported my brother 100% from His personal endorsements to dance with Peter which some re still on my I.g… Now I have just 3 questions….

Why is it that these things are happening immediately I released muno’s singles under rudeboy Recordz. no.2 .. How come after jude stopped managing psquare for over a month now, the problem still exist. No.3 why is he in a hurry to go solo and doing solo?it’s very sad, and very heart broken I wish these things never came out to the public at first… Now our fans are divided  pls nobody shld support any teamPaul sh*t, I don’t need that.. Pls resist from it cos thats evil…and for those of you promoters ,supporting him to be performing  psquare’s songs alone on stage, you are only killing us and destroying us the more .Dear brother am begging you ,even if you don’t want Jude anymore and you don’t want psquare, u re forever going to be my brother … But I wish the 3 of us could still do these together, bcos its a thing of joy….people love us so much not only because of our good music but seeing brothers doing it together and keeping it together, setting a good example to other families and to our kids.Pls swallow ur pride, forgive and forget, we can still turn these things around…. If I have said anything or done anything that hurts you. Am very sorry…. And to all our true fans pls pray for us. God bless you all. Paul Okoye.


A Fans Thought On P-Square Issue.

Hmmmmm really sad, they say when you are in flight, you seem visible to all…….duno why some ppl cant just stay off other ppls business. These guys don’t seam to have issues, in my opinion, they still remain a unified bunch. so why all the insinuations and claims of separation. Lets even say, its confirmed that they have separated, so what? they are all adults now. if not now, sooner it will be, so why not now. Jude for example has been doing his thing, floating his label with Cynthia Morgan signed onto it and he has enjoyed support from the twin, no issues, am sure Paul had always nursed the idea of owning his own label way before now, Peter tried his hand with that dance show, they have all supported each other, that’s the least they expect from their fans not these unwarranted criticism. Psquare still remains, not even an insane person will destroy a brand that took over two decades of hard work to build just like that. they have only decided to specialize by doing what they are best known for, and helping the budding ones in the process, that should be our joy. Go Psquare, go peter, go Paul and go Jude. We got you back all the way.


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