Mothers Are Gifts Sent From Above- Happy Mothering Sunday To All Mothers!!!

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Mothers are the most precious gift anyone could ever ask for or receive in this life. Mothers are the best valuables if compared to flashy things and asset because nothing can be compared to the love of a mother for her child.

Mothers to me is the gift of life because they literally breathe the living air into us, God apart. Mothers are the best friends we know because they the most secretive when it comes to keeping secrets to save a soul, especially the soul of their children.

Mothers are shelters when we need  shelter, they are also there for us. They always bear our pain and carry the burden of their children. A motherly LOVE is the only true love most people know and experience in the world today. This is so because the word ‘Love’ is by Prove and not just by saying it.

When you say you love someone, you must prove it and not profess it alone. Mothers don’t need to say i LOVE YOU, you would find out by the things they do and the risks they take on your behalf. No love can be compared of that of a mothers love for her child.

Happy Mothers DAY

Happy Mothers DAY

Mothers are home keepers and home makers and they are also peace makers. Mothers always want the very best for her children and are always ready to give up their lives for the joy and happiness of their children.

Mothers are the best gift anyone could ever ask for in the real life and they are irreplaceable.

Mothers are Angels and the most precious gifts God has given to mankind, without mothers the world would have been a boring place for most of all or all of us.

Mothers are comforts to their children and to the entire family and are also the best companion anyone could have.


Today is ‘MOTHERS DAY’ lets us all use this medium to wish our mothers a HAPPY and A BLESSED DAY and make out time to pay visits to them. Also buy them a precious gift because they are like a precious stone sent from above to ease our pain. And if they are far from you, create time and call them today, the call should be a good and quality call. Tell them what they mean to you and how you feel about them, make them feel loved and special.



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