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TOPIC: men worthy of Honour

TEXT:   Genesis 30:27


I have come to a conclusion that God blesses us through our deeds and associations


You may not know the reason why your child gained that admission was because you paid some child school fees. You may not know the reason why your child wasn’t stranded in a foreign land is because you accommodated a Cooper. The Lord blessed the house of Obed-edom, and all that pertained to him, because he kept God’s ark safe (2 Sam 6:12)

In the same vein, another source of God’s blessings is our association. And Laban said unto Jacob stay some more, don’t go for I have learned by experience that the Lord has blessed me because of you (Gen 30:27) it takes humility to make such statements but that doesn’t over rule the fact that God has chosen certain people, strategically place them on your pathway to greatness with a mandate to draw God’s hand and favor to you. It is only by studies, observation and experience that Laban got to know. Sit back and assess where you were and where you are now, you will identify those God used for you,  this people need honor.

Some examples are:

(1) one who led you to Christ

(2) your first teacher

(3) your inspiration

(4) one who showed you rudiments in what you are presently doing well

(5) your trainer or coach

(6) your forerunner

(7) your sponsor(s)

the list is endless and it’s peculiar to each of us. These people deserve our honour. God bless you.

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