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TOPIC: Laws of motion

TEXT:  1 Thess 5:17


Everybody in life desires to make meaningful progress in life, so also is God’s plan for us all; to take us to that place where he wants us to be.

But beloved, did you know that nobody makes any form of motion except he or she applies Force and force is a push or pull factor. That means to make progress in life you have to make up your mind to push hard and pull hard.


P- Pray

U- until

S- something

H- happens


Elijah continued to pray for rain until the rain came,  Daniel prayed for 21days and didn’t stop until result came etc little wonder 1 Thess 5:17 advise that we pray without ceasing


PULL on the other hand is bringing down, repelling or rejecting what you don’t want in your life, scriptures says pulling down every stronghold that exalted itself against the knowledge of God.

If you can push and pull, you will progress. Good morning beloved of God.


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