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TOPIC: Jesus-my Superman

TEXT: John 19:1-37

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I haven’t fully understood the entire mystery surrounding the death of an innocent young man like Jesus.

Medically, Flogging with a serrated whip, tearing the flesh into unrecognizable piece with gross tissue damage and morphological distortions should have caused tissue wasting and dehydration, yet at this point he didn’t ask for water (my superman) wearing a crown on thorns pressed on his skull with risk of cerebral infection and cavernous sinus thrombosis, excessive blood loss from various piercings and injuries resulting in severe hypovolamia with circulatory collapse and ultimately death(yet my superman didn’t die at this point)

Carrying a cross of 40-50kg weight for a man of 70kg for 2-3miles under the conditions mentioned above should make him collapse, yet my superman went all the way walking barefooted on a rough stony path, with piercings on his foot, leading to dirty, contaminated wounds, Nails through the small bones of the hands and feet with crushing effects, hemihidrosis-sweating of blood due to severe stress, hanging on a cross, in a fixed inspiratory position causing shallow breathing, piercing on his side causing Pnuemo- & Haemo-thorax, prolong hanging causing shoulder drop yet the soldiers confirmed even after his death that none of his bones were broken, this was to make him qualify as a sacrificial lamb because a priest according to the law must collect from the people a sacrifice that is without blemish and deformity.

All these was for you, that you and I should be the righteousness of God, not giving your life to Christ is a prove that you don’t appreciate what he went through for you. To appreciate what Christ has done type I LOVE YOU JESUS.


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