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TOPIC: It is Written (1)

TEXT: John 19:19-22


The word of God can be divided into two; spoken and written word. It is pertinent to note that what is written is written (John 19:22)therefore, we are encouraged to have total trust on the written word of God

Total trust on the written word will;

(1) keep you above the devil, his opting and devices. All through the period of Jesus’ temptations he will usually respond to the devil with the written word of God (Matt 4:4,7,10)


(2) show you the pattern for living and purpose of everything in the kingdom. In Luke 19:45, Jesus chased the merchandise out of the temple because it is written, “my house shall be called a house of prayers… ” so what is common, usual and way of life now for “modern” Christians won’t be your practice when you know what has been written.


(3) bring its fulfillment to your life. In Matt 21:4 even when it was few days to his death, the written word of God was fulfilled in his life,

It doesn’t matter the time of life you are and the situation you find yourself,  as you trust and hold on to the written word you shall testify.

The written word says,  you shall not die but live to declare the word of God

It also says, they that put their trust in him shall not be put to shame

It also says, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises in judgement shall be condemned

Also,  he that is born of God overcomes all

Keep saying them, don’t stop saying them for in them you move and have your being. God bless you.


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