Discussion To Avoid On A First Date- Relationship Tips!!!

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Discussions To Avoid on a first date

Money: For the ladies, you are not suppose to demand for money on a first date. Don’t demand directly or indirectly. The guy might see you as if you are after his money & not his heart or well being.

He might also see you as a materialistic lady who wants his money & does not want to settle down for a real and a serious relationship. Whereas he’s looking for a serious relationship, and in most cases, he might be looking for a good partner to settle down with (A wife).

And that’s not a good thing because he will tag you as an un serious fellow & will change his mind about being serious with you and will see or use you as the other girls which are after money & nothing else. And he will treat you as such, using you for his own sexual pleasure & nothing serious.



Religion: When it comes to religion, it’s a no go area because the topic religion is a very vital and sensitive one.

You are suppose to enjoy yourself on a first date & not to criticized the religious belief of your date.


The main reason why you should avoid discussing religion is because your belief system might be different from that of your date and if you guys start talking about it, it will be a disaster. So the best option here is to totally avoid discussing religion on a first date.


Politics: Discussing politics and political parties on a first date is not a good idea because you and your date might have a different views or opinion about a particular political party or parties.

For instance, me personally i hate discussing politics because it never ends & also the persons arguing with you never gives up. No matter how hard you try to prove a point, it’s never proven because the other party is naive or ignorant of the point.

And in most cases, they already know the truth about the discussion matter but they just want to argue a lame argument & in the end you will realised that you just wasted your time on something irrelevant, whereas you would have used that time on something useful.So discussing politics is a bad idea on a first date.


Exes: Don’t bring up an ex discussion on a first date. Try very hard not to talk about your ex, even if what you want to say about him is good, don’t talk about it.

If  asked about your ex by your date, you’d reply him politely & say he’s good & it was fun while it lasted & that you wish him well. Now can we please not talk about exes & concentrate on us.

Do not criticize your ex on a first date. Don’t talk much when asked about your ex on a first date.


Drinking:  Don’t speak ill things about guys that drinks. You might not know if your date is one of them. If  asked by him, if you are okay with guys that drinks? Just say i’m okay with a normal drink & if along the line you notice that he’s drinking too much, you can try to change him with words & not harsh words. When i say words, i meant good, nice, lovely, compassionate, encouraging words and not abusive or nagging words.



Negative and Toxic Relationship: Now this is very wrong and a no go area. Try your possible best not to discuss about any past or present negative or toxic relationships. Even if it’s about a friend’s relationship, don’t talk about it on a first date because you are killing the good vibes. Don’t be negative about being in a relationship & don’t tell your date, that you feel or think that most relationships are disasters. Even if that’s what on your mind. Let it remain in your mind & please don’t let it out, it might be dangerous & ruin first date.


Eating Habit (Don’t Compare or complain)- I guess this is self explanatory because it explains it all. On a first date, don’t compare or complain about your date’s eating habit. Even if you don’t like the way he eats, just keep calm because the right time will come for you to speak up your mind. But that shouldn’t be on a first date. But rather, you compliment everything that he does with a pleasant smile on your face & not a fake or disgusting smile because he’d notice it. Be calm and handle all issues politely  on a first date.




Don’t ask where is this going?- This question might be the last straw that broke the Carmel’s back. On a first date, this question ‘Where is this going?’ Should never be asked. Come on, this is your first date & not your last date.


First date is about getting to know each other’s likes & dislikes, favorite music, favorite hangouts, favorite food, and favorite everything. And not acting like he’s proposed already. First date’s is about being free & to explore.

First dates are all around good and positive vibes only.


If your first date was a disaster, why not read & share this article on What to Avoid On a First Date? Trust me it will go a long way because it’s working for me, i have been there and i’m writing out of experience.


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  1. Sophie

    April 2, 2016 at 5:46 PM

    So what do you talk about?

    • Vicky

      July 21, 2016 at 7:55 AM

      Did you read the article? The last point made under; The Last But Not The Least, lists several appropriate topics. Likes and dislikes on various subjects, etc.

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