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TOPIC: Sharpen Your Axe

TEXT: Ecc 10:10


Good morning beloved compass users. It is common to see two people do exactly the same thing within the same period of time yet yielding different results.


One could even be less stressed than the other. The difference lies in how sharp their axe is. Axe represents any thing you use to work. Sharpening your axe means maximizing its use to yield greater result with little physical stress. The first axe we have is our brain.

The maximum ability of the brain is yet to be used by anyone. Use the brain judiciously. Think! Think of how you want your tomorrow to be. Plan ahead. Think of how to be better. Think of how to be the best.

Think of the merits and demerits in a step before proceeding. Think out new ideas. Think ahead of your mates.  ‘Think and grow rich’-stop underestimating your thinking ability. Great men think deep before making any move. So by the time such well calculated moves are taken, their progress seems like magic.

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