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TOPIC:  Can You Sojourn?

TEXT: Hebrew 11:9


“By faith He sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country”

There is a Greek word “paroikeo” which is translated sojourn. This word means “to reside as a foreigner and to be a stranger”

Having received the promises of God for 2016, and first quarter of the year is almost out, it is only natural for you to be sick and tired of the whole thing,  even the Bible say in proverbs that hope postponed makes the body sick.

Let me share with you practical approach to sojourn in your land of promise

(1) Faith: all those who have successfully sojourn in their land of promise may Loss everything but not faith and if faith comes by hearing the word of God(in this case the promise) then faith should be maintained by constant reading of those words

(2) Praises: this is absurd to a natural person but it’s a powerful spiritual tool. Praise him for what he will do. Praises revives your soul and confuse your enemies

Don’t give up you are almost there,  good morning, good people of creation.


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