AY Writes An Open Letter To The General Public To Be Considerate On The MD Of Lekki Gardens!!!

The very popular Nigerian Comedian AY aka Akpos is begging the general public on behalf of the Managing Director (MD), Richard Nyong of Lekki Gardens to be considerate when judging the case of the collapsed 5 storey building which took many lives, about 35 people were killed due to the incident.

AY who was an ambassador of Lekki Garden, took his time to write this open letter to the general public. the Managing Director (MD)- Richard Nyong was taken to a Magistrate Court in Ebutte Metta in Lagos Nigeria, over the death of the people. AY posted this on his Instagram page for the general public to see.
indexf”The Collapse of the Lekki Garden building is indeed an unforeseen tragedy that still hits me all the way to my soul. My deepest sympathy and condolences to those people who have died, been hurt and people who lost their love ones. As a one-time ambassador to Lekki Gardens, it will be difficult to disengage myself from the company whose vision was designed to help every common man to becoming landlords in Nigeria. In times like this we are one family. Let us standup and pray for all the families who have suffered and wish them peace in knowing that their loved ones may have gone on ahead of them to be with God Almighty. I know there is nothing I can say to ease anyone’s sorrow, but this is just to let these families know that my thoughts are with them. As we sympathize with the families of the bereaved, let me clearly state that every human life is of inevitable value. No sentiment or general conviction would justify the sacrifice of human life. For this reason I have maintained a position of silence because of my affiliations with Lekki Gardens. The care of human life and property is one of the core responsibilities of a good government. Hence I will also not blame the government and their ‘quick response’ actions against the management of Lekki Gardens. Finally, I do know that the social Media is now for the good, the bad and the ugly. It is even more of an open battlefield, where abuses fly from one to another, destroying lives, self-esteem and individual self-worth. As much as I still believe in the vision of Mr Richard Nyong’s Lekki Garden Real Estate project that has delivered over 6,000 homes to Nigerians, I want to hold hands with the Lekki Gardens family and grow stronger during this time of despair, and pray for a man whom has become a victim of circumstance. A man who truly cares for others. A man who has helped a lot of people within and outside his community. A man who single handedly handled the constructions and repairs of Government roads within Lekki. A creator of employment to thousands. This is not to position him above the law, it is a beacon for fairness within due process, peace and justice. #letsbefair “.


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