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Thank God it’s Sunday,  a day every leader desires to see: to unwind,  assess weekly outputs, update records, issue queries and either happily smile to the church or angrily go home.

Permit me Mr leader to also assess you this Sunday with the following

(1) how many of your followers know exactly what you are trying to do? (transparency test)  it helps them to flow in the vision

(2) how often do you praise and recognize them in public (appreciation test) it makes them feel wanted and part of the team

(3) do you know criticism and rebuke is necessary but should be done in private(personality test)

(4) and even when done in private should be constructive (friendship test) learn to attack situations not the person

(5) lastly, learn to take blames also but don’t forget to share with the glory.

So Mr leader,  always assess yourself with these before you assess your people.

Wishing you all a happy and a blessed Sunday, may God bless you all in Jesus name Amen.


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